Hey, hey, hey, don’t be mean.

Escapade welcomes and respects all fans and all of what diversity brings us. Diversity provides different perspectives on the world and the characters we love; different ways of thinking about and looking at fan culture and ourselves; and better ways of being related beyond any single point of view. 

For 30 years, Escapade has created a space where beings of all abilities, orientations, genders, skin colors, nationalities, political agendas and tribal affiliations are welcome (yes, men attend too!) to gather and share their opinions, engage in spirited debate, laugh, argue, and enjoy. They were safe to agree and disagree while still respecting each other’s personhood and right to opinion and interest. 

To support and codify this commitment, we add our voice to the anti-harassment policies adopted by many conventions today.

Escapade does not tolerate*: 

  • verbally offensive or aggressive statements or language
  • physical contact without full consent
  • activity other than physical contact that is intrusive or aggressive (e.g., stalking, non-consensual photography or recording, legal name exposure)
  • disrespect related to genders, orientations, abilities, skin colors, nationalities, political agendas and tribal affiliations. 

What to do if you experience harassment.

  • Call it out. Identify the harasser. Get a witness if you can. Leave the space if you need to.
  • Report it. 
    In person, onsite: see the con chairs (Megan or Charlotte) or Misti (con suite maven). 
    Electronically: email 
    alert@escapadecon.net. If you email during the con and do not hear back within 1 hr, please notify Misti that an email was sent. We do not want any potential electronic failure to make someone feel that action isn’t being taken.
    Post-con: email 
    alert@escapadecon.netinfo@escapadecon.net, and either or both convention chairs. 

What will happen.

  • We will consider your wishes. If you want the alleged violator approached, they may be: 
  • asked to explain their behavior, make amends and acknowledge awareness that similar behavior will result in expulsion; be expelled from the convention; be banned from the convention, or other proportionally appropriate responses. 
  • If a crime has been committed, law enforcement will be contacted. 

This policy applies throughout the convention (from Thursday evening through Sunday evening) on the hotel property, in any convention-sponsored events, and in convention-sponsored online communities or conversations. Further, it is expected at any private events held during the convention as part of the convention experience, and people hosting private parties should make themselves aware of these rules. 

*We have also stood for “purposely controversial” panels, or the freedom to express opposing points of view with the understanding that it is our opinions we argue and not our persons or our rights. We tolerate neither abuse nor efforts to silence others’ opinions, no matter how polite those efforts may be. We celebrate safe communication. And if you don’t feel safe, people have your back.  

We’re committed to personal responsibility, respect, and being each other’s allies. 

Photos. You need the permission of anyone you want to photograph. If someone’s badge has a red bar across the top, it means “NO PHOTOS” period. Don’t even ask. Respect the “no photos” rule. 

Bathrooms. Our hotel has both gendered and gender-neutral bathrooms on the lobby level. You are free to use the restroom of your choice.