List of Dealers

Badge Name Table Name Table Description
Jim Rondeau Jim & Melody’s Antique Fanzines

Fanzines! Art! Stuffed animals! More!

sian1359 A Wrinkle In Time

tees, POPs, photos; misc licensed tv & movie memorabilia

Orphan Sales

Offering convention merchandise, and whatever else shows up!

Mildly Wicked Math Minded Magpie & Sada’s Crystal Matrix

Fantastic jewelry of the nerdy persuasion

Doctor Beth’s Fanzines New and Old

New Fanzines: Star Trek Beyond Gen Novel “That’s Just Typical”, Star Trek K/S “Devotion” plus many used fanzines. Will also buy collections and estates.

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Ellie Graves
Ellie Graves

Teen Wolf, Marvel, Sherlock, Hannibal, Rizzoli & Isles, Muncle, Leverage, M7, Supernatural, Dresden Files, X-Men, Smallville, Criminal Minds, Killjoys, Merlin, The Voice, NCIS

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