Escapade History

At the Starsky & Hutch 15th anniversary convention, Megan Kent and Charlotte C Hill, two younger fans, decided to start their own con, fixing issues that they saw with other cons (for example, the Dealers' Room is only open a couple of days so that dealers have a chance to enjoy the convention, too). In the first years, there were male strippers for Friday night entertainment.

Convention panels were consciously chosen to skewer the fannish sacred cows of the day. Panels are still chosen to encourage a range of opinions, but there are fewer sacred cows now, plus, most fans have vastly more opportunity to talk about fannish issues than we did in 1990. Also, many of Megan's innovations have, over the years, been incorporated into other newer cons, such as con.txt and others, making it harder for Escapade to stay on the cutting edge.

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