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Some Last-minute Intelligence About Escapade

Discord Access:
For attending members, access to the “34” Escapade server is included as a part of your membership. Expect an invitation to the “34” server sometime Wednesday or Thursday morning (today or tomorrow). You can also access the link in your account on the Escapade website. 

Escapade’s year-round members who could not attend in person can join the server to enjoy the con vicariously. A donation of $25 or more is requested, which directly supports the convention, particularly costs that apply to both the in-person and online cons. 

NOTE: this year is NOT a hybrid convention. The “34” server is an element of the in-person con that everyone can share, but it will not run a pre-programmed schedule. Enjoy friends, Escapade news, impromptu panels you create and in-person panels that ran long and people continue online, the vidshow, and the ingredients to this year’s custom cocktails. 

Meetups (“DIY” panels):
We know 50+ hours of programming just isn’t enough. Feel free to add “do-it-yourself” panels you can host.

To create a DIY panel, simply check the schedule on the door of the con suite, pick a time that works for you and your friends, and write everything onto post-its we supply. Include the name, time, location, and host’s name, plus any additional information you’d like to share to promote your panel(s). Then copy that and apply post-its to all of the schedules posted on the doors of the function spaces. After that, announce it on the Discord and have a wonderful time.

We’ll see you in a few hours!

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