Below are the panels that are likely to end up on the final schedule for Escapade 30. Some still need mods or co-mods. If you’re interested, please just email us here! This information is being updated daily, so keep checking back until the schedule is posted.


Bi/Pan Erasure in Media
Many movies and TV shows have depicted characters attracted to more than one gender, sometimes with long romance arcs. But once they become monogamously attached, both Hollywood and fans often declare they “are” either straight or gay. This even happens to celebrities who say they’re bisexual or pansexual. Let’s discuss some examples and ways we can push back against identity erasure.
Mod(s): glymr co-mod welcome

Bollywood Is Beautiful
Come and hear of the delights of India’s vibrant film industry. Mostly this is an excuse to get you all hooked on the amazing action-adventure movies coming out of India. So many very lovely, fit, actors in fun and wild movies.
Mod(s): Calysta Rose

The Discomforts of RPS in the Social Media Age
This is NOT an anti-RPS panel! This panel is for RPS fans who want to dig into the real discomforts of our fannish engagement in the age of social media and direct celebrity access. When RPS started to become normalized within fandom in the early 2000’s, it was due in large part to very persuasive arguments by many fans about the distance between their experience of celebrities as characters and the celebrities themselves as actual people. Celebrity presentations, particularly boyband personas, were so heavily mediated by the entertainment industry that we were only sort of writing and fantasizing about “real” people. How do we navigate RPS fandoms where celebrities now give us so much direct access to their lives?
Mod(s): glymr, Aral

Fandom Dating Game
Come pimp your fandom, pick one up, or at least laugh with the contestants trying to find the fandom of their dreams.
Mod(s): Charlotte C. Hill

Fandom Pictionary
Detailed sketching or enthusiastic stick figures–come one, come all for ridiculous fun putting tropes to paper.
Mod(s): Michelle FishieMishie

Hindsight is 2020: Fannish sites we’ve lost, overlooked, or hope to build one day
Beyond AO3: What is, what was, and what should be?
Mod(s): NEEDED

History of Escapade
This panel is a history of Escapade. Here’s your chance to stroll down memory lane, catch up on what you missed, or learn about the wild shenanigans from prior years.
Mod(s): Megan Kent

Inhuman Shapes
A.K.A. the monsterf*cker panel – “Eight foot two, skin of blue, tentacles and wings, it’s true – has anybody seen my pal?” …and by “pal,” we totally mean, “I’d hit that.” What’s appealing about visually nonhuman characters? Are we fascinated by the anatomical potentials, or the concept that an alien shape (and its related alien culture) means a lack of the fraught power dynamics in human relationships?
Mod(s): MlleMusketeer, Clair Voyant

Mid-Decade Modern: Fandoms of 2005-2015
The last batch of fandoms to start on LiveJournal and end on Ao3 are all turning 10 or so this year. What’s changed, what hasn’t, what’s a blatant ‘well, that’s a pre-2016’ show. Flip phones, bulky tablets, and many varieties of earbuds included. Potential shows include: Fringe, Person of Interest. The beginnings of the MCU (hey, it must be 2011, it’s a Darcy fic), Leverage, Sherlock, Teen Wolf, One Direction, Glee, Merlin, and SPN, the once and future fandom.
Mod(s): Nora Bombay, Saklani

My Hed is Pasted on: Great Wanks of Past years
Journalfen and FandomWank are gone, may they live forever. Let us gather round the campfire and tell the tales of Ms. Scribe, of the hed that is pasted on, and how he ded from coke. Thanfiction exists. There are lots and lots and lots of great wanks, and come prepared with yours as we roast marsh mellows and tell the sage of the ring wraiths in iambic pentameter. Full audience participation. Nostalgia and “lighter” wanks encouraged
Mod(s): Nora Bombay Looking for co-mod(s).

The New Taboos
Or, “when the trope you’ve loved since 1997 is suddenly the ultimate in depravity.” Fandom constantly re-evaluates what’s considered problematic, sometimes removing things (M/M pairings are no longer considered perverted) and sometimes adding them (drunk!fic is now iffy). What formerly-common tropes are now considered questionable? Do you ever reconsider old faves in the light of new fandom ethics?
Mod(s): Elf. Looking for co-mod(s).

Really Just Dicks All The Way Down: Slash in the Classics
It’s not just modern fiction that can be seen with a hella gay lens: the classics have their own share of shippiness. Frankenstein and his monster? The Three Musketeers? Sir Percy and Chauvelin? Dimmesdale and Chillingworth? Gilgamesh and Enkidu? (though that one’s probably canon). Come delve into everything your English teacher didn’t want to.
Mod(s): MlleMusketeer, Robin Winter

Slash before Star Trek
The Galactic Journey has made it to February 1965, and while slash wasn’t really a thing yet…it should have been, because there are LOTS of characters to pair. Join us for a whirlwind trip through the first half of the 60s: Come for the squee, stay for the history!
Mod(s): Gideon Marcus

Slash, Boys Love, Danmei, & Chinese Drama Fandom
The last couple of years has seen an increased intersection between slash fandom and Chinese boys love/danmei, especially with the increased excitement around the series Guardian and The Untamed. How do slash and danmei (Chinese Boys Love) tropes intersect and differ? What are the joys and stumbling blocks when falling into Chinese BL fandom? Let’s talk about some of these questions while we of course squee about and/or pimp Guardian, The Untamed, and more.
Mod(s): Lola, glymr

Staying Power: Why Do Some Fandoms Live Forever?
Sure, talking about shiny new fandoms is fun (Good Omens, I’m looking at you), but what about those long-lived fandoms? Pros, Starsky & Hutch, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, The Sentinel, Man From UNCLE, Lord of The Rings, and others. Why do those fandoms survive, and even flourish, but others do not? We’ll talk about what gives these fandoms their staying power, and which fandoms we might still talk about in a decade or two.
Mod(s): Saklani, Melina, Jen, Sally

There’s a Lot of Great Gay Porn in Furry
Less of a discussion and more of a pimp – come look at a collection of really good LGBTQ+ furry comics, including a lot of hot porn!
Mod(s): Commodore Marie

Video Game Fandoms
What makes a video game good for fic? Good for vidding? Which ones do you wish had a large fic community, but don’t? Let’s talk about game genres, common tropes in video game fics, and how to entice other people into a fandom if they can’t play the game itself. Bring recs!
Mod(s): Elf. Looking for co-mod(s).

Wayback Panel
One of two “wildcard” panels that we select as a group at the Escapade Welcome Panel, the Wayback Machine pulls a topic from Escapade a decade ago that still has relevance today.
Mod(s): TBD at the convention

Where Did That Come From (And Where Are You Going To Put It)?
An examination of the origin and evolution of fandom formats and genres, from Five Things to A/B/O. Why do some trends die out while others continue from fandom to fandom?
Mod(s): NEEDED. Will require some research.

Wildcard Panel
Space for the up-to-the-minute conversation that bubbled up after panel suggestion closes. Hot topic is nominated and selected during the Welcome to Escapade panel.
Mod(s): TBD at the convention

You’re slashing WHO!!!
A discussion of rare or unlikely pairs, such as, Mulder/Skinner, Mulder/Krychek (The X-Files), McCoy/Spock, Kirk/Khan (TOS and movies), Negan/Rick, Daryl/Negan (The Walking Dead), Loki/Steve Rogers (The Avengers) and other pairings. Also, discuss the kinds of slash that could apply to these pairings, such as, BDSM, Discipline, Non-Con/Rape, Violence, Relationship, etc. and if they should be paired at all.
Mod(s): Muriel Perun, Catalena Mara, Renee/Sculder, Kandy Fong


Angel: the twentieth anniversary
It has been two decades since the broody vampire with all the boyfriends got his own show (seriously – Spike, Wesley, Doyle, ~Lindsey!, I’d say Gunn but he was really there for Wesley). This is a celebration of all things Angel, what we still like about it, what we’d change if we could, and the state of Angel fan fiction today.
Mod(s): bren_glacis

Birds of Prey
A fun, violent, female gayze action movie? Sounds great! What did you love or hate about the movie? Any fanworks that you want to share/rec to the group? Long time fans, how does the movie stack up against previous movies/incarnations?
Mod(s): Calysta Rose, Naked Bee

The Expanse: Primer
If you want to get in on the fun that is The Expanse–some of the best hard SF to hit TV/streaming in years–come on over! We’ll introduce the characters, relationships, main plot points, and help you over what can be a steep curve for entry. This show is worth your time. Come find out why.
Mod(s): Megan Kent, Kadymae DevilC

The Expanse: Who run the system? Girls!
Smart. Tough. Foul-mouthed. In charge. The women of The Expanse are all that, and hot to boot. Come arm-wrestle (figuratively) for your favorite character.
Mod(s): Kadymae DevilC, Charlotte C. Hill

Good Omens: Temptation Accomplished!
Good Omens fandom expanded like a supernova, with the Aziraphale/Crowley pairing ranking 1st in Tumblr’s top 100 ships of 2019. What’s the deal? Is it David Tennant’s tight trousers? Is it Twitter darling Michael Sheen? Which fanwork tropes and fanon ideas are popular? Which are problematic? Why these tropes/fanons? How do they fit/not fit with the novel? Do we care? And do we listen to Neil Gaiman? Come discuss these and other ineffable questions!
Mod(s): Dorinda, Kathy M

Good Omens: Thinky Thoughts
Beneath the UST and absurdist comedy, there are complex issues and some amazing writing here. Let’s dig in!
Mod(s): Rhaegal, Charlotte C. Hill

Guardian: You Can Leave Your Mask On
He’s a human disaster cop in ripped jeans who’s smarter than he lets on. And HE’S an ancient alien warrior with superpowers masquerading as a mild-mannered professor. Together, they fight crime! Guardian is a live-action sci-fi Chinese drama based on a m/m fantasy novel. It’s also the slashiest thing since Yuri on Ice. Come join us for an introduction to the show, the fandom, and the slash!
Mod(s): glymr, Keiko Kirin (Kay)

Harry Potter: never say die
The first Harry Potter book was published in 1997, and the first movie came out in 2001. Two decades later we still love it, still write it, even if we can’t get behind the later canon. What kind of stories are we reading? What pairings do we still search for on AO3? What hasn’t been written yet, that we really want to see? Come, share, discuss, have fun!
Mod(s): Clair Voyant, bren_glacis

Lucifer And All the Angels
From The Bible to Paradise Lost to Good Omens there’s been something about angels. And there’s ‘Lucifer’ – the show has been saved twice by its fanbase but Netflix says the fifth season is going to be the final season. I want to talk with fellow wing fanciers. Who would have thought it would turn out to as funny, as honestly complex, and take the risks it does. Is part of it an ensemble cast that features more female characters than male – strong female characters who, while they revolve around the titular devil, put him through more changes than he ever them? I want to talk about this interesting fact, along with Dr. Linda, Chloe, Mom, Mazakeen, Eve and Ella as individuals and the stories we’d like to read about them. Okay, I admit I also want to talk about Luci’s angst, Detective Douche’s golden skin and Cain’s shoulders.
Mod(s): Taz

Magicians: Well That Just Happened: Kill a Main Character and Watch Fandom Implode
At the end of Season 4, The Magicians killed off main character Quentin Coldwater, 1/2 of the very popular canon gay pairing. On a show with 41 times, it being for realsies was unexpected. Fandom, especially Tumblr did not take it well. At all. Is there any coming back from that? For the fandom, not the show. Will people have quit sending sternly worded cries for help to the producers by panel time? S5 will be half way over.
Mod(s): fashes Looking for co-mod(s).

Marvel: 616 to MCU
Did you get into Marvel fandom through the Cinematic Universe, the Comics Universe, or a bit of both? How does your choice of canon color your view of the characters? Do you have different favorite characters or pairings in the comics and movies? Let’s discuss!
Mod(s): Pauline Zed, gwyneth rhys

Marvel: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
Do we want to see more of these two or do we fear what’s to come? Shippy or not?
Mod(s): NEEDED

Marvel: Where does Stucky go from here?
As Stucky lovers, how do we more forward with the apparently canon het ending of Endgame? Can Steve and Bucky find the forever happiness they (Bucky!) deserve around what was on screen or do we have to turn to alternative universe options a la petite madam’s instagram series? Are they together until the end of the line? And if so, how?
Mod(s): Catherine Salmon, Laura

Pros: How We See Them
Bodie and Doyle! How we translate what we see and what we want to see, besides their bums!
Mod(s): Kris KrisserCI5, Cindy

Pros: Romance – How Do They Wear it?
Are Bodie and Doyle romantic? Big things? Little ways? Or just words?
Mod(s): Kris KrisserCI5

Roswell, New Mexico: A Lot More Gay and a Lot Less White
Maybe you watched the 90s CW show or even read the book series. Well, this is Roswell for the 21st century. A gay disabled combat veteran! An alien disaster bisexual! A kickass Latina scientist who takes no crap! A tall gorgeous alien who can kill you with her brain! Max is also there! Come and discuss what’s going to happen in Season 2, or come to learn about the show! (It’s on Netflix!)
Mod(s): Nestra

Schitt’s Creek: Where Everyone Fits In
A weird little town in a world where homophobia doesn’t exist. Whether you’ve been watching since before it was cool or you just heard about it and binged it all on Netflix or you have no idea what it’s about, come talk about David and Patrick and Stevie and Alexis and everyone else! (Except Roland.)
Mod(s): Nestra, gwyneth rhys

She-Ra: hella queer
Squee! And maybe some meta. Adora/Catra. Adora/Glimmer. Scorpia/Catra. Scorpia/Entraptra. Mermista/Perfuma. Nettossa/Spinerella. Huntara/Everybody. Scorpia/Everybody.
Mod(s): fashes. Looking for co-mod(s).

Sherlock Holmes: History of Holmes/Watson Slash
Various Holmes Watson slash through the years.
Mod(s): Taz

SPN: Welcome to The End
Fifteen years, and our show is coming to an end. Season 15 has been quite the ride so far; for those of us hanging on until the end, what do you think of the season so far, and what kind of ending would you like to see?
Mod(s): Killa Beez

ST DS9: Everything old is new again
When DS9 started streaming, a whole new wave of fans found the show. Come, fans old and new, and talk about all the reasons Garak and Bashir really should have gotten together, if Section 31 was a brilliant twist or a total cop-out, whatever happened to the Vedeks, and all things DS9.
Mod(s): bren_glacis, Saklani

ST: Picard – Episode 1
Picard charts a bold new course for Trek. It’s something a bit different, but that gives it the space to examine and reiterate the values that have always been at the heart of Star Trek.
Mod(s): Killa Beez

Star Wars: Darth Disney
What hath Darth Disney wrought? Rise of Skywalker – did it fly or sink? The rest of SW – Mandalorian, animations, potential future offerings? Are you still strong with the Force because of or in spite of Darth Disney? What still turns you on about the Star Wars universe, old or new? What’s happening in fandom? Do we believe the Force is still strong with Disney or have they turned to the Dark Side?
Mod(s): Adrienne, KatBear

Stargate Atlantis 10 years later
Stargate Atlantis ended 10 years ago. As you look back… what do you think of the show 10 years later. We never got the movie so what would you have liked to see? (I’m sure we could come with some great ideas for what happened next). Are you still reading fic? Are you still drawn to the show or has it’s time faded into the past?
Mod(s): Teresa, Charlotte C. Hill

Stargate: wonder in all its forms
Stargate has been movies, television series, cartoon series, comics, novels, videogames, audiobooks, and now a web series, from 1994 – 2018. What is it about this universe, its characters, its world-building, that keeps us hooked? All SG fans welcome! Films: Stargate, Ark of Trush, Continuum, Children of the Gods | Series: SG-1, Atlantis, Universe | Web: Origins | Animated: Infinity
Mod(s): bren_glacis

Transformers 101: You Will Believe A Truck Can Fuck
From the delightfully deranged original series, to the hideous live action adaptations, to the amazingly queer comics, Transformers has a massive canon–and a reputation for being a boys’ club. But in reality, the fandom is gay as hell. Come meet million-year-old nonbinary aliens, size differences like woah, incredibly creative genitals, and crazy angst in the fandom that’s beaten the rest of tumblr for the sheer NUMBER of possible ships…
Mod(s): MlleMusketeer

The Untamed: Alllll the Tropes, Allllll the Slash
The Chinese drama The Untamed is currently taking over many tumblr dashboards, and word on the street is that once you watch a couple episodes, you’ll find yourself powering through the entire 50-episode (!!!) season. Just what makes it so compelling? Based on an actual Boy’s Love novel that is m/m slow-burn romance, the canon gay is turned into subtext with the thinnest veneer of plausible deniability to meet Chinese censorship requirements. The text you’re left with is positively saturated with rich, delicious romantic subtext between the leads. It also has all the tropes we love: mythological/fantasy setting, buddy cop dynamic, hurt-comfort galore, both teen and middle-aged versions of the main ship, a true anti-hero character, complex villains, plenty of secondary ship possibilities. Come squee about WangXian, or come learn what all the hype is about!
Mod(s): Adrian

Whovians Delight
New Who has arrived! Squee and chat over new season for our favorite Doctor! Still loving it? Still have feelings for other Doctors? Let’s bring it all together, new and old.
Mod(s): KatBear Looking for co-mod(s).

The Witcher: Toss a Coin to Your Witcher
Let us come and journey through S1 of the Netflix series! Yennifer’s journey, Ciri’s gift, the songs, the Law of Surprise, the most epic wedding ever, and oh yes, all the bathing going on. (And just when did Jaskier rub chamomile on that bare bottom? Surely somebody has written that story!)
Mod(s): Kadymae DevilC

Wonder Woman 1984
Let’s talk about what we know so far, rumors, and speculate what’s to come, as well as new characters/pairings, etc.
Mod(s): Raine Wynd


Limited budget, limited time, limited sewing skills, limited interest in researching 16th century undergarments or how many buttons are on an Imperial guard’s uniform… Let’s brainstorm costumes for fans who want to dress up and have fun, but aren’t going to spend two months designing foam-and-latex body armor nor two hours getting into feathers and skin paint at the convention.
Mod(s): Dail, Barbana

Discord, How Do?
Baffled by fandom’s latest favorite platform? Come discuss tips for Discord.
Mod(s): Gideon Marcus, MlleMusketeer

How to AO3
Review of AO3 features – how to find the fic you want and avoid what you don’t, how to tag fics (…the short version, not the full-panel version), importing, bookmarks, collections, series, and related works. Find out how to do stuff, and if we don’t know, we’ll look it up!
Mod(s): Elf. Looking for co-mod(s).

How to Mod Escapade Panels
Moderating an Escapade panel is different from most conventions – you don’t need to be an expert, and you’re not expected to lecture. If you haven’t been to Escapade before, learn what to expect; if you have, maybe get some tips from other moderators.
Mod(s): Aral, Megan Kent

Pegging! A Delightfully In Depth Intro
Have you wanted to bend over your boyfriend and have your way with his sweet ass? Come learn how! Are you new to butt stuff and want to learn some basics? Do you want butt sex info for your fic? Come join us! Panel will feature in depth info on anatomy & techniques plus how to entice nervous first timers.
Mod(s): fashes

Plot Bunny Corral
Let’s share the plot bunnies we’d love to see get written and brainstorm more.
Mod(s): Raine Wynd

Polyamorous Crafting: The Return
Return once again to that land where you love to knit/sew/cosplay/paint/sculpt/scrapbook/digital manip/cook/sing/interior decorate/decoupage your fandom, sometimes all at once. Show us what you’re working on, tell us what you’re imagining, and strategize how to STORE IT ALL.
Mod(s): Lizbetann

The Expanse: Lang Belta 101/102
Oye Beltalowda! Last year, I was dragooned into… I mean led an introductory class in Belter, the constructed language in the amazing SF show, The Expanse. Well, since then, we’ve gotten more words, and I’ve gotten more fluent. If you came last year, come brush up, and if you’ve never attended a class, you’re in for a fun linguistic trip through the 24th Century!
Mod(s): Gideon Marcus

The Great Escapade Ficcish Whankfest
Is your Expanse fic not expansive enough? Your Good Place one-shot in a bad place? Your Transformers drabble not all that transformative? Come here for venting and troubleshooting, as we discuss common fic-writing issues, commiserate, and offer advice.
Mod(s): MlleMusketeer

Vid Review
Rehash the Saturday night vid show with a room full of fans.

Vidding 101: The Vid Bunny Farm
So you’ve had an idea, and it’s gnawing on your leg? Or maybe you have too many vid ideas and can’t choose? Or you want to make a vid but don’t know where to even start? Aspiring fan vidders, unsure-vidders-to-be, and experienced vidders welcome alike to share vid bunnies, brainstorm together, and talk about the processes of conceptualizing a vid.
Mod(s): Lola, Franzeska

Vidding Genres Then & Now
We’ve come a long way from “living room vids” vs ‚”con vids‚” or have we? Let’s talk about evolving fanvid genres, from ship vids to AU vids to multivids, from character vids to fake trailers, from genre-bending vids to long form vids to cosplay music videos, and more. Let’s talk about all the genres of fan videos floating around YouTube, Billibilli, AO3 and beyond, and also consider if the old school genre terms still apply.
Mod(s): Franzeska, Lola

Writers & Betas: BroTP
You don’t have to know a colon from a semi-colon to be a great beta reader! We’ll discuss how to find a beta, work with a beta, or become a beta. Topics will include different kinds of betas (ex. SPAG, canon, Britpicker, sensitivity readers, etc.), how to give notes honestly but gently, and what to do when you get notes you disagree with.
Mod(s): Airawyn Looking for co-mod(s).

Writing the Mundane
Why is it that writing someone making breakfast, walking across a room, or driving a car can be so much harder than writing deep emotional scenes? What tips can we learn to help us become better writers of the everyday, mundane activities that are essential to a fully developed story?
Mod(s): Raine Wynd


Art Show Gallery Crawl
Join us for a group stroll through the Art Show to talk about the art. Criticism and squee equally welcome!
Mod(s): Naked Bee

Fan art…why you should do it even if you think you have no “talent”
Fan art. With lots of places to see what fans are making we see more fan art than ever. But when you look at it you think “I’m not gonna post, I’m not that good.” Well you are wrong. The world needs you and your unique perspective. Let’s talk about making fan art, talk about art,and hopefully encourage you to make some of your own!
Mod(s): Barbana

Fate Core TTRPG game session
Fate Core is a narrative-focused RPG that can be learned quickly. Character creation and pregen characters will both be available. Option 1) In a world where every classroom has a wizard and some of the baristas have pointed ears, a group of grad students are planning “something magical” for Spring Break. Option 2) Goblins have invaded the very small, very poor, very helpless village of Fatchwell. But they don’t seem to be trying to pillage and loot; instead they’re… moving in? Ref: Fate Basics
Mod(s): Elf

Guardian: The First Episode
Feeling overwhelmed by socializing and panels? Come join us and watch the first episode of the Chinese Drama, “Guardian”! Kick back and enjoy cheesy special effects and absolutely electric chemistry between the leads. Bring your own lunch and relax with us for a low key introduction to the show you’ve been waiting for!
Mod(s): glymr

Monster of the Week RPG
Monster of the Week is a role playing game using the Powered by the Apocalypse system that is structured around players investigating clues and killing a monster in the style of shows like Buffy, X-Files, and Supernatural. The game is quick to learn and easy to play. Character creation and pre-generated characters will both be available.
Mod(s): Jen

Peer check-in for people affected by trauma
I have 3 years of experience moderating a peer based PTSD support group. I want to provide a safe space for anyone who wants support, wants to share, or is just curious about how trauma works and what it does to us. Where trauma can be a car accident, abuse of any kind, assault, social anxiety, being atypical in a neurotypical world, or any situation where you were not in control of your own autonomy.
Mod(s): fashes

The Escapade Write-In
Being around other fans excited about fanworks is inspiring. Here’s a space to hang out and act on that inspiration-fic, art, or otherwise, while in the company of those same inspiring fans.
Mod(s): MlleMusketeer

The Untamed: The First Episode
Curious about the new obsession sweeping fandom? Want to get inducted into the Ancient Chinese Gays Pyramid Scheme? Come watch the first episode of The Untamed with fellow fans who can provide context, explain any confusing parts, and answer your questions. By the end you’ll be crying over their slowburn yearning with the rest of us.

Urban Shadows
Come try out a different sort of RPG! Play an urban fantasy game set in modern Los Angeles using the Powered By the Apocalypse system. You’ll take on the role of a popular fandom character and try to save the day – or destroy it – using two six sided dice and your imagination.
Mod(s): Airawyn

We have organized Escapade for 30 years: AMA
What have you always wanted to know? Come and ask!
Mod(s): Megan Kent, Charlotte C. Hill