Escapade 33.5 Panel List

Below are the panels that planned for Escapade 33.t. Some panels need moderators, and may be dropped if they are not adopted. If you’d like to adopt a “Needs Mod” panel, please just email us here!
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Note: some panel descriptions may be revised, but you can get the idea from the text below.


AI: Threat or Menace?
AI-generated art & text are all the rage these days! Which means: Marketing departments are pushing them hard, and fandom is enraged. However, coding and gaming communities are finding a lot of value in them. Let’s discuss what’s going on and what it might mean for fandom in the future.
Mod(s): elf
Alternate Universes: Make a Wish
Which shows lend themselves to AUs? What makes an AU work or not work? At what point does a AU move too far away from the show to be recognizable, or take away what makes the original show what drew you to it on the first place? Are fusions an AU or a different trope altogether? Let’s discuss the best of show, the good, the bad and the “what is that doing in my fandom” AUs.
Mod(s): Teresa
Bechdel Variations
The original Bechdel-Wallace test for movies: Must have 2 women who talk to each other about something other than a man. Some people make it “two NAMED women.” There’s race variant: two PoC talk to each other about something other than a white person. What other variants have you seen? How useful are these tests?
Mod(s): Gideon Marcus
But Are They Doing It Right?
We are getting more representation in our media, but are they getting it right? Are the depictions realistic or just old stereotypes doing more harm than good? Were we better off with meaningful looks, sly quips, good actors with great chemistry and filling in the rest ourselves?
Mod(s): Constance
Changing the Canon from Underneath Us
What do we do when canon changes out from underneath us? Do we move on or change things for the betters.
Mod(s): Killa
History of Fandom
Who are we? How did we get here? Where are we going now?
Mod(s): Megan Kent
In the key of C-Novel
So many C-Novels are being officially released! Which ones are great, which ones should we stay away from, and which do you Wish would be licensed?
Mod(s): glymr
Mega Fandoms of The Olden Days
A walk through memory lane of our favorite troupes of classic fandoms that has fallen out of fashion.
Mod(s): Diana Williams, Tree Wishes
The Perennial Panel 👾🍆
Once again, we meet to discuss the ultimate kink. Which is better: Wings, scales, tentacles, lycanthropy, shapeshifting goo? (Anyone have recs that combine all of those?) How do recent trends compare to “traditional” fics, and what’s in store for the future?
Mod(s): Tree Wishes
Pre K/S, Who Should Kiss?
Subtitle: Slash in the ’60s–the digital edition!
You loved it before, now love the love again–we’ll go through all the shippable characters from ’60s tv and beyond, the couples and threesomes that should have been slashed, but it hadn’t been invented yet.
Mod(s): Gideon Marcus
Shallow Fandom
How hot do you need a character to be in order to engage with fandom? Two hot guys? Ten? Is the content more important than the hotness? Where do we fall?
Mod(s): Fashes
Showing up 5 minutes late with coffee
What do you do when you show up to a fandom several months, years, decades after a fandom’s had it’s heyday? Do you revive? pimp? Dig through buried treasure?
Mod(s): Saklani
Superhero Slash
We should have a space to talk about superhero slash. Bat kids. Flash villains. The Boys. There’s so many interesting characters and so many ways to slash them.
Mod(s): Noxelementalist
Time-Travel Fics
Some fandoms get tons of time-travel fics. Some barely get any. From fix-its to “Groundhog Day” setups to post-canon “travel back to canon and do things differently” (or the same, with a new perspective) – what tropes have we found? Which kinds of canon inspire which kinds of time-travel stories?
Mod(s): Gideon Marcus
The Writers’ Strike and Fandom
Sad at the lack of new content vs. support of the people who make fandom possible. How will the strike goals benefit the shows that make good fandoms?
Mod(s): elf, Constance


Anime: That Time I Got Transmigrated to an Escapade Panel
Anime fans, come join us! Old school KOR and Ranma or the newest Spy X Family fans are all welcome! Let’s talk about which shows are worth watching or re-watching.
Mod(s): glymr

Barbie (2023): Barbie Movie Hype
Come squee about the Barbie trailers! Share hopes and fears about the upcoming movie and discuss Barbie meta, fashion, professions, and social impact.
Mod(s): Michelle

D&D Honor Among Thieves: Honor Among Thots
Are they Thots? We don’t know but let’s talk about Thots, DILFs and Paladins. And Holga and her one true love: Potatoes.
Mod(s): Saphire Dance

IWTV: Interview with the Vampire
The guys are hot. The guys are gay. What more do you want?
Mod(s): Amalthia, Killa

Kinnporsche: KPTS Talk & Rec
Let’s talk about all the awesome things we’ve found in fandom! Fics! Vids! Art! All the fun!
Mod(s): nevertheless

Love in the Air: Weatherboys Pimping Panel
It’s got everything! Spanking, Non-Con, PTSD, Street Racing, and Daddy Kink? Come get pimped into a new fandom. :)
Mod(s): nevertheless

Marvel Cinematic Universe: MCU 2023
Secret Invasion is out! The Marvels are just around the corner. Spiderman Across the Universe is changing the art landscape as we know it. How are we feeling about it? What do we like? What do we not like? How do these films feels in the greater scheme of the universes.
Mod(s): nevertheless, greenygal

OFMD: Our Flag Means Porn
OFMD fandom is here, it’s queer, and it’s making great fanwork! The fanart in this fandom is mindblowingly gorgeous and beautiful. Let’s screenshare our favorite fanart with each other and give the fanarts the appreciating they deserve.
Mod(s): Killa

The Old Guard: Sequel: Excited or Terrified?
We’ve been waiting for three years! Have you seen the on-set photos? Have you read the comics? Are you looking forward to the second Old Guard movie, or peeking through your fingers?
Mod(s): Killa, Charlotte

Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System: More Scum, More Villains!
Which version of Shen Qingqiu is the best? Do you like evil Shen-Jiu or poor little meow meow Shen Jiu (or are they the same???) Are you a fan of BingQiu or MoShang or the rarest of pairs? Let’s talk about the wildest and wackiest and Most Meta of MXTX’s novels!
Mod(s): glymr

Spiderverse: The Spiderverse Opens
Across the Spider-Verse is here, and it’s brought whole new dimensions to the original. Let’s talk about these films: the amazing art and animation, characters old and new, and what we might expect in the future.
Mod(s): Greenygal

Star Trek: Unfound Worlds
What do we want out of unexplored spaces in Star Trek? There’s so many shows but still so much potential in the universes to explore. What is our ideal Trek show? What do we dream?
Mod(s): Saklani

Ted Lasso: RomCommunism (write-in)
The show’s ended, so let’s talk about what we loved, hated, and the bits in-between. How do you feel about the show’s portrayal of mental health and therapy? What about how it handled queerness and representation? Or forgiveness? What’s your favorite funny episode? Which one made you cry? And of course, what are your favorite ships, and did they play out like you hoped? Bring fic recs and let’s talk Ted Lasso!
Mod(s): Airawyn

Teen Wolf: Alpha, My Alpha… is he really Alpha material?
Is Scott truly the lead of the show? Is Scott the moral upright leader of the “Light” he identifies as? Is he deserving of being the TRUE ALPHA? Is he a good friend and a dependable person, or is he a stupid bad puppy? Let’s discuss the reality of Scott and why, in my mind, Teen Wolf is all about the Stiles.
Mod(s): Teresa

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts
Humans, Beasts, Cars, Transformers has something for everyone. With an exiting new movie and a new cartoon and a comic coming up let’s talk about a fandom that’s More Than Meets The Eye.
Mod(s): Saphire Dance

The Untamed: Untamed Recs
What’s new and what’s good in fandom? Finding anything good or is everyone fishbowling?
Mod(s): Amalthia


Accessibility in Fandom
What’s possible? What’s needed? Let’s talk about screen readers, podfic, sites blocking APIs, TV shows with audio description, AO3 formatting and accessibility for the visually impaired.
Mod(s): Lana

Discord Recs
What terrific servers are you in? Specific fandom, writing discords, video games, hobbies, other topics? What makes a good Discord server – how many people, what kinds of channels, what kinds of topics?
Mod(s): Saklani, aaronantium

Fanfic Book Binding
How to transform your favorite stories into physical books that you can enjoy forever.
Mod(s): Jo Oyzon

FAPA: Join Us!
FAPA is the longest-running APA in sci-fi fandom – it started in 1937 and is still going. It’s a quarterly zine collection distributed by mail. Some of us are involved! You could be part of it!
Mod(s): Elf Suggested Mod: Gideon

Formatting Ebooks
How to convert fics into attractive ebooks that will be a joy to read.
Mod(s): Amalthia

Fun with Podfic!
How to get started, how to improve, how to share.


How to keep your fandom alive & vibrant
How to keep your fandom alive & vibrant (from the Chalk & Cheese folks)
Mod(s): TBD

How to make online conventions feel real
Let’s talk about what makes an online con feel like a gathering of people and not a chatroom with a lot of shared links, or a set of streamed videos.
Mods: aaronantium and Saklani

Manage Your Ebooks with Calibre
This free, open-source software will keep track of all your ebooks, across any e-reader, backup your ebooks, and keep reading a pleasure.
Mod(s): Amalthia

Non Traditional Fanworks
Let’s discuss ideas, styles, and formats for non-traditional fanworks.


Sharing Fanart
How and where to host fan art, and how to share and promote your work.


Sharing Fanvids
YouTube vs. vs Vimeo vs The Next New Thing. Where to host vids, and the pros, cons, and costs.
Mod(s): aaronantium, Kandy Fong

Tech and the way it shapes Fandom
TVs have changed shape, so have camera and filming techniques. How have the changes to technology shaped the way people interact with fanworks.
Mod(s): Teresa

Top Three Recs
Bring three vids/fics/arts/etc to share with everyone. This is your moment to pimp out your loves.
Mod(s): Barbara Wright, Jessica Lynn

How does it affect fandom communities when canon isn’t currently online? Which of your favorites aren’t available? What gets a resurgence when it becomes available, and how does that change the fandom community?


Share your favorite vids! Everyone take a turn sharing their fave vids so we can enjoy it all together. :)
Mod(s): Airawyn

Vid Review: TBD


•  Best Screen Moments
•  Character Focus – do they ….? 
•  Fic recs by Genre
•  Fic Recs: Crossovers and Fusions
•  I’m Too Sexy for My . . . I wonder what we could fill in there
•  Missing scenes and episode tags
•  Pros and Starsky & Hutch – Similarities and Differences

• Episode viewing & discussion:
• Kickback
• Weekend in the Country
• When The Heat Cools Off
• Weekend in the Country
• Vid show + vids by request

• Pros Porny Pictionary
• Pros Bingo