Panel Suggestions and other Deadlines

Hey folks, guess what? 

Escapade is EXTENDING the panel suggestion deadline to January 14th. Not sure what to suggest? Come and join the Panel Suggestion Party!

WHAT: Join nev and the gang and we’ll help you brainstorm and submit the panel(s) of your dreams. 

WHEN: Sunday, January 14 at 5pm Pacific (What time is that for you?):

WHERE: The Year-round Escapade Discord ( in the Escapade Discord voice chat (the Atrium).

WHY: Because creating panels—and the convention—is more fun if it’s a party!

If you have panel ideas you haven’t submitted, bring them. If you want to submit panel suggestions but don’t feel like your ideas are convention-ready, bring *them*. We can work together to add some truly special panels that wouldn’t be there without you at the party.

Email with any questions at all. 


Other important dates are looming, including opening of panel ballots and the vidshow submission deadline. Review all of the Key Dates for Escapade 34 at  The info is right on the home page, just scroll down a little. 

We’ve also added additional double-queen rooms to the hotel’s room block. Book your hotel room early and often.

Here’s where to find information about the link, how to find the rooms you want, and a direct line and contact person at the hotel if you have any issues at all finding the room(s) you want:

There’s also a “seeking-roommates” channel on the Discord (under the Escapade Specific Channels section) if you’re looking to share.

As of January 4, 2024: 70 days and counting

Hope to see you all there!

-Escapade Con Committee

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