Below you’ll find all the panels you suggested. Well, maybe not you personally, but we hope so. Now your job is to let us know which of the 125 suggestions below you’d like included on the final Escapade schedule, and how strongly you feel about each one. Panel voting is open through April 1, 2022.

Each panel title is followed by the location that the suggester recommended: online, in person, or no preference. Depending on the number of votes, we might offer some panels both online and in person.

If your fandom is not here, or you think the great idea you just had should be included, that’s why we have a Write-In option. Add new suggestions, and if they’re catchy enough, they might make the schedule. 

Those fans who said they “absolutely wanted to mod” are already tagged as mods. You can still volunteer to co-mod. If someone tagged you as a “suggested mod” it’s a compliment, not a commitment. If you accept the invitation, click the “Will Lead” choice. 

Be sure to open all four categories (General/Meta, Fandom-specific, Tech/Workshop, and Alternate Programming/Video) to see all the panel suggestions. Indicate your interest. When you’re done voting, scroll all the way to the bottom to click the “Submit” button to save your votes. You can come back to this page and update your ballot until voting closes on 4/1.

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Ballot Result


Panel Title Not Interested May Attend Will Attend Willing To Lead
1About 15 years ago, in 1995…1451120
2Age Gap: The Ultimate Taboo3032131
3Are Fan History Sites Stalking? Don't Fans Have the Right To Be Forgotten?353292
4A beginners guide to C-dramas and C-novels3925180
5Best of 20212435191
6BL and Queerness3127200
7Call Me By Y/N501861
8Cane-Waving Lawn Guardians2531222
9Closed Canon, Active Fandom1443210
10Crackfic FTW3532100
11Daemons, Dragons, and Bending: Fusion Worlds3326161
12The Eternal Kink Tomato Argument3029160
13Exchanges, Bangs, and Themed Weeks2339130
14Fanbinding and the Fannish Gift Economy3433112
15Fandom of None2637120
16The Forgotten Letters: Queer Identities beyond the LGB3032130
17Future of Escapade & Hybrid Conventions1530340
18Golden Oldies and New Delights2836140
19Historical Fandoms, 2020s Edition3721170
20History of Fan Socialization / Cane Waving2031291
21Hybrid Conventions: Online and In-Person2136220
22In Defense of Bad Fic432380
23Indie Game Recs63621
24Intersectionality and Representation2634140
25Kid Shows with Adult Fandoms3726100
26Law review of recent cases that may affect fandom2438190
27Let's Take Over Worldcon551371
28Livejournal: The Backupening3728100
29Lords and Loyalties: Fealty in Speculative Fiction392480
30Love the Fandom, Hate the Source2933140
31"M/M Romance"2139170
32Milking a Cow - Or, My Fandom Keeps Producing Canon412451
33Music To Fanfic To4515150
34Never say 'Never'!412592
35Nine Days' Wonder3430110
36The Perfect Social Media Platform3429110
37Pimp Your Forever Fandom3325160
38Plague fandoms in a time of plague481961
39Polyamory Ships3427151
40Problematic Creators2628200
41A Public History of Fandom1637192
42Reverse Bechdel Fail412750
43Scales Are Sexy3924101
44SciFi Fandom and the Hugo Awards501660
45Slash Adjacent: beyond Kirk/Spock: the pair possibilities of the '66-67 tv season4117141
46Songs for First-Time Vidders4316123
47Spiritual Leadership in Fandom5114100
48Surprise vs Betrayal2529160
49That's Not Fic!3822131
50Too Much Canon402480
51The Tropes We Hate4025110
52Trouble with Trolls462141
53Video Meta Essays462170
54Wank and Tell522040
55Weighted Blanket Permission Statement471951
56What does BNF mean today?353082
57What I did over Summer Vac- Er, The Past Two Years3429150
58What Size Is Your Screen?442540
59What's New and Hot?2833150
60Wheels Up: Shipping In Police Dramas441791
61WTF Is Up with Fanzines?2829172
62Your Chocolate in My Peanut Butter: Crossovers2627211

Fandom Specific

Panel Title Not Interested May Attend Will Attend Willing To Lead
1DC: When the Red Red Robin Is Bi501352
2The Expanse55890
3Xunyam fo showxa lang Belta! (Learn to speak lang Belta!)60731
4Flight Rising: Is it Still Worth Playing?64411
5Good Omens2735150
6Guardian: The Story Will Keep on Going469152
7Harry Potter: Love the fan fiction, hate the hater creator5011130
8Harry Potter: Wolfstar Roll Call - Where are we 23 years later?55851
9Hazbin Hotel: The New Place65400
10Heaven Official's Blessing: Voted Most Likely to Fall From Heaven4810111
11Best of K Pop60670
12Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood: Leverage: Redemption!3823101
13Locked Tomb: Lesbian Necromancers in Space58650
14LOTR: The Tolkien Estate Hates Fans372291
15The Mandalorian: Saving Star Wars?481570
16Bucky Barnes - Man of Many Faces4117131
17Marvel: Lokisn't4313170
18Marvel: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: The Good, the Bad and the Irritating4210201
19MHA/BNHA: Endless Retellings of Canon with a Twist63311
20Mob Psycho 100: All-Powerful Student, Con-Man Mentor64132
21MZTX/Untamed: Advanced Cultivation 4004812151
22Person of Interest—still timely?451591
23The Professionals: Hot Men, Hot Cars, Hot Sex4715120
24The Professionals: Best fic in the different genres4912111
25Professionals for Beginners4216150
26The Lads and Romance Professional Style5210100
27The Professionals: The Morals of CI5549100
28Roswell, NM: "Welcome to the party, it's a real bisexual alien blast around here": Building a Safe Harbor for Many Ships55943
29Scum Villain's Self-Saving Panel536112
30The Sentinel: What was loved and what was hated4319110
31Sherlock BBC: The Meta of Symbiotic Interactive Crazy Shit441991
32Sherlock Holmes: Changes Upon Changes (or tumbling toward the sesquicentennial)4912111
33Sherlock Holmes: John H. Watson: awesome or TOTALLY awesome?4019123
34Star Trek 20223324170
35Star Wars!451950
36Stargate: Open for new adventures and destinations?4911111
37Starsky & Hutch: Still Crazy After All These Years4520110
38Starsky & Hutch: The On Screen Love Shines Through!4717130
39With Coworkers Like These...: The Future of Supernatural442351
40The Terror59740
41Tingleverse: Welcome!541430
42The Tom Fontana-verse58740
43Transformers: Pumping Gas and Venting Valves: Getting Porny with Transformers61521
44Trek DS9: Garak/Bashir: Will Paramount Kill It? Can They?3721111
45Trek TOS: K/S: The Changing Face of a Fandom3424140
47The Witcher, Season Two4510111


Panel Title Not Interested May Attend Will Attend Willing To Lead
1Closet Cosplay3422140
2Customizing Your AO3 Experience3027140
3Everything Podfic/Tips & Tricks4615100
4Fandom Tarot, Entry Two491431
5Fannish Drink Recipes401891
6How To Discord2534151
7How to Mod an Escapade Panel471471
8Pegging! A Delightfully In-Depth Intro481380
9Podfics! Tips and Tricks for Beginners481760
10Save the Kinkmemes!431590
11Vids In Process4018112
12Works I never made AKA idea bunny adoption center372290
13Writing Software421780

Alt Programming/Video

Panel Title Not Interested May Attend Will Attend Willing To Lead
1Escapade Discord Year End Review2334141
2Fandom Alignment Charts - Game402651
3Vidshow jukebox3326101

Write In Panel Suggestions

Panel Title Category Panel Description
Fanning in a different language General/Meta Of old, fans have waxed fannish in second or third languages, or ones they don’t understand at all. Are there language barriers anymore? Is a lack of cultural understanding a barrier? Should we just open ourselves up to the joy and all the grokking will follow? And are we allowing fans in who don’t speak our language? Automated translation facilitates online communication, and is that enough? Are we missing important points? Or is the willing exposure to other cultures because our love of shipping and fanfiction the perfect natural bridge to step outside our worldview?
Suggested Mod: Anyone who speaks a second language fluently or anyone who’s been in a non-native speaking fandom for 5+ years.
Bleach: Fighting is Flirting Fandom Specific Shonen anime is full of slash, in every sense. To celebrate the return of the classic Bleach for its final arc, come discuss your fave pairings and your fave shows!
Mod: bren/ glacis
Obi-Wan Fandom Specific Our favorite tragic Jedi has his own series! Come share the love for Obi-Ben the Best, from his fanon affair with Maul to whatever the heck he’s doing on Tattooine.
Queer YA General/Meta Representation across the rainbow of sexuality has exploded in YA fiction. Found family, adventure, romance, mystery, coming of age – what do you love? What have you discovered? Come share!
Mod: bren/ glacis
Calibre – FanFicFare Tech/Workshop Learn how to download fanfiction directly into Calibre, create custom columns for warnings, genres, challenges, pairings and more! If there is time I can also share how to generate your own custom covers per fandom.
Mod: Amalthia
Genderswap Me, Baby! General/Meta Are you (like me) surprised to find yourself loving your favorite characters cisswapped, trans, or non-binary? Or did you know all along that was your cup of tea? What works about it for you, or doesn’t?
Mod: Megan
Weird bollocks, a discussion of Rivers of London books Fandom Specific Imagine if Harry Potter joined the Met. That’s the premise (kind of) for these books. By the time Escapade comes round, a 9th book, Amongst Our Weapons will have been released. Even if you haven’t had time to read it, join us for a lively discussion of all things fae. Haven’t you wondered about genii locorum, and stealthy, talking foxes that love cheese puffs?
Mod: Christine
Aristocrats, Magicians, Veterans and Criminals: The Works of KJ Charles Fandom Specific Queer-romance author KJ Charles is both incredibly talented and prolific, with 29 published books since 2014 and more add-ons and co-authored short stories. Her topics are wide-ranging: Regency class divides (and a little bit of real history dashed in), fantastical magicians and exorcists, unsung Victorian trades, and Roaring ’20s sedition plots. Come chat about your favorite series or standalones, representation in romance, tropes that are celebrated or flipped on their heads. New and curious fans welcome but we’ll probably want to talk spoilers.
Mod: M’lyn
OFMD: Soft Pirates and Gentlemen Fandom Specific Let’s talk about “Our Flag Means Death”!!!
The Once and Future Merlin: BBC Merlin Fandom Specific This year marks the 10th anniversary since BBC Merlin finished airing. Come join fans as we talk about the show and remember the good, the bad, and- of course- the slashiest of dragons.
Lesser Pairings General/Meta We like the pairings that aren’t the faves, or dominant, or most popular. Why? What do we see in content that others don’t? What tropes do we like that might be less popular than the tropes that make for the “dominant” pairing in any series or film content?