Panel Ballot

Below you’ll find all the panels you suggested. Well, maybe not you personally, but we hope so. Now your job is to let us know which of the 125 suggestions below you’d like included on the final Escapade schedule, and how strongly you feel about each one. Panel voting is open through January 23, 2023.

If your fandom is not here, or you think the great idea you just had should be included, that’s why we have a Write-In option. Add new suggestions, and if they’re catchy enough, they might make the schedule. 

Those fans who said they “absolutely wanted to mod” are already tagged as mods. You can still volunteer to co-mod. If someone tagged you as a “suggested mod” it’s a compliment, not a commitment. If you accept the invitation, click the “Will Lead” choice. 

If you’re attending in person, be sure to open all four categories (General/Meta, Fandom-specific, Tech/Workshop, and Alternate Programming/Video) to see all the panel suggestions and indicate your interest. Please do NOT vote for online panels, even if you think you might attend them.

If you’re attending online, please scroll down to Online, and only vote there.

When you’re done voting, scroll all the way to the bottom to click the “Submit” button to save your votes. You can come back to this page and update your ballot until voting closes on 1/23.

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Ballot Result


Panel Title Not Interested May Attend Will Attend Willing To Lead
Anime, Anywhere, All of It!4113111
Beauty Is In The AI Of The Beholder1735101
Beyond Star Trek: The Slash of the 60s that Was (and Should Have Been)1634123
Binging the Borgias (And Better Historical Fiction)262373
Come and C-Novel: (Now with Official English Translation!)369151
Daddy Issues, or Why Fandom Loves Single Dads292472
Deltas, Ferals, and Ringlocks, Evolution of Omegaverse2824101
Draw Your Own: Gardens of Gayness411442
Fake Fandoms2426120
Fandom Connections in a Diaspora731233
Fantastic Bits and Where to Find Them: Monster Fucking2517145
Fanworks Time Machine: Creating Fanworks set in historical and pseudo-historical settings1526184
Found in Translation: Men’s Love Worldwide1825151
Future of Escapade928223
Horrors! I'm dead! How should I have prepared for my collection to have been taken care of before hand?1826171
Hugo Awards3319100
I Never Thought it Would Happen to Me, But...1924172
Imagine Canon (Goncharoving)3412102
In a (really, really big and well-populated fannish) Galaxy Far, Far Away…2616161
Let's Hear it For the Girls:242890
Make a Wish1435131
Mama Mia, Here We Go Again: The Cyclical Nature of Fandom1136151
Monsterfuckers Anonymous2714133
One Finger, Two Fingers, Three Fingers, Cock2125150
OT3s I have Loved1822181
OTW: How It Works2029140
Plotbunny Hell3215112
Scrunkly Blorbos: Wet Little Meow Meow Appreciation Club272562
Sex, Sex, Sex and More Sex1827141
Stefon Up291980
The Heterosexualization of the Fictional Media2821131
The Insidious Side of Bringing Fandom Home For the Holidays351851
The Modern Zine2128140
The Vocab of Shipping Discourse2123151
Too Tall To Ride This Fandom1825161
Twitsplosion/You Can Find Me At:1824201
When Canon Breaks Your Brain2424112
Where Do We Go From Here?2029102
Who Watches The Watcher?421242
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Canon?272861
Why do people keep talking about stoplights and which words are safe: Kink 101331853

Fandom Specific

Panel Title Not Interested May Attend Will Attend Willing To Lead
Star Wars: Andor3412132
Dr Who: Who's Who these days?3814100
Goncharov in Media371661
Goncharov: Time on the Bridge381541
Harry Potter: Worlds collide. .. .. .. (bump)41971
Heaven Official's Blessing - Everyone Here Is Somebody Else411051
Interview with the Vampire: No One Left to Stop Us from "Interviewing" the Vampire3117111
K-Pop Fic51240
KinnPorsche: Where Mob Boss Meets Fandom Cliches361471
Knives Out: A gay detective, but he already has a husband!1525202
Knives Out: It's My Party1627172
Leverage Redemption: New Cons, Same Old?361364
Leverage: A Second Redemption361381
The Locked Tomb: We Do Bones, Motherf-cker.3611102
M/M Romance2619141
Mercedes Lackey: Velgarth, Beyond, and the Elemental Masters411132
Mob Psycho 100: No Mobs, No Psychos, but 100% Awesome48722
NCIS: I'm Out of Here46841
Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi361481
Our Flag Means Death: Looking Toward a Second Season of F*ckery2615181
Our Flag Means Death: The evolution of SMAUs through Our Flag Means Death fandom351580
Proud Immortal Demon Way: Shifting the Paradigm.44671
Sandman: The joys of Dreamling3414111
Star Trek: Everything2716153
Star Trek: Stayin' Alive at the Disco(very) - what the hell am I watching and can I have some more?361094
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: After Hours292092
Teen Wolf: Alpha, My Alpha... is he really Alpha material45652
Teen Wolf: Cool concept, no follow thru.43591
Transformers: Gender, Sexuality, and Class Differences: A Sociological review of Transformers44743
The Untamed fandom: going strong or dying off?351391
The Untamed: Everyone but WangXian389101
Vtubers: What, Why, and How Do I Ship Them?49701
Wednesday: Dun-Dun-Dun-Dun-- *Snap**Snap*2818130
White Collar: (Starched) White Collar, Sexy Black Undies?381642
The Winchesters: Magical Mystery Tour461021


Panel Title Not Interested May Attend Will Attend Willing To Lead
Bookmarks, Archives, and Fanfiction Downloader: Ways to Save and Preserve fic1928121
Calibre - Fanficfare2821101
Fandom Not in English381270
Fractious Fiction: Writing Fails and Flops3016113
How to start a writing group that will last40963
Make Your Voice Heard! (Podfic for Beginners)42961
One for All, and All for One Season: Writing Together3910101
Physical Zine Preservation2030120
Vidding Without Footage371731

Alt Programming/Video

Panel Title Not Interested May Attend Will Attend Willing To Lead
Fannish Dating202981
Feed Me, Seymore2619111
Filk me Up Scottie: The Musical Escapade Panel3016101
Wait, You Found What????2219142

Escapade Online

Panel Title Not Interested May Attend Will Attend Willing To Lead
Anime, Anywhere, All of It!401261
Crossing that Bridge2323140
Deltas, Ferals, and Ringlocks, Evolution of Omegaverse341780
The devil's always got the best lines1527132
Fanworks Time Machine: Creating Fanworks set in historical and pseudo-historical settings2123112
Fractious Fiction: Writing Fails and Flops361370
Mama Mia, Here We Go Again: The Cyclical Nature of Fandom192690
“period-typical (whatever)”1819181
Roswell, New Mexico: Queer Americana41393
Sex, Sex, Sex and More Sex2717110
Vidding Without Footage371431
"Wait! Did they have mobile phones in the 1980s?"2321120
When Canon Breaks Your Brain-or Tries To262550
When Words (Kinda) Fail301690
Where Do We Go From Here?182880

Write In Panel Suggestions

Panel Title Choose a Category Panel Description
Is Stargate fandom dead? Fandom Specific SG1 and SGA were really hot, is anyone still writing, doing art, etc.?
Suggested Mod: Sally
Share your pets! Online What is one thing we don’t get to do much at in-person Escapade? Show off our pets. This is your chance to share your dog, cat, snake, rat, or other exotic creatures with your fellow fen.
Fanvid Futures (aka vidding 101 for the future) General/Meta Vids? Edits? FMVs? Loops? Reels? What is the current state of fan video as a creative and cultural form? What tools are people using to make fan videos, where are fan videos shared, and what shifts are we seeing — in form, content, sharing practices, etc.– as fans spread out across a wide array of platforms? If you’ve been vidding for a while now, how has your approach and output changed? And if you want to start editing now in the current moment, midst all of this diversity and change, how would you begin?
Mod: Lola
The Sisyphisian Agonies of Hoyay – Why Does Fandom Never Learns? Fandom Specific Johnlock. Destiel. SuperCorp. ShawRoot. Sterek. Stucky. Clexa. When it comes to hoyoay ships, whether through compulsory heterosexuality or outright tragedy, we make the same mistake over and over: We hang our hearts on the possibility that we will be given a happy ending only to end up with a happy ending only to end up Charlie Brown trying to punt Lucy’s football. Why? Why do we fall for it over and over? Lets discuss the concepts of (un)realistic hope for queer representation in western Media, boundary setting between queer and queer-content-seeking fans in positions as consumers in relation to commercialized narrative art, and the importance of fanworks as a means of self-soothing when the queer narrative has been taken out of the hands of the general population.
Mod: Dancinbutterfly
Polyamorus Crafting Tech/Workshop Do you like crafting? Do you refer to your local crafting store as “the bad place”? Come join us as we discover what fellow fans have been up to, what is the newest craze, and ponder yet again where to put it all.
Mod: diannelamerc Suggested Mod: Lizbetann
Our Flag Means Death: Squeeing and Speculation Fandom Specific What we loved about Season 1, and what we hope to see in Season 2.
Mod: Megan A Suggested Mod: open to working with anyone!
The Murderbot Diaries Fandom Specific Come join us on our own little Sanctuary Moon as we discuss all things MurderBot.
(Including while ART is the best ever.)
Mod: kadymae devilc
DC Comics: A Rainbow of Spandex Fandom Specific Let’s talk about the queer characters of DC–Harley & Ivy, Tim Drake, Jon Kent, Nubia of Themyscira, Connor Hawke, and all the rest.
Mod: Greenygal