Escapade 2014 Vid Show

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Escapade's 2009 Songvid show on DVD.

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[table caption=”First Half”]
Song[attr style=”width:34%”],Vidder(s)[attr style=”width:33%”],Fandom[attr style=”width:33%”]
Best Day of My Life,Gwyneth,Happy Endings
Weapon of Choice,Killa,Almost Human
Riverside,Milly,Tomb Raider (2013)
Run Boy Run,kat-byrd,Professionals
Peaches and Cream,Naked Bee,Teen Wolf
Va Va Voom,obsessive24,Merlin
King and Lionheart,Violace,Pacific Rim
Snakes on a Plane,kiki_miserychic,Person of Interest
“I’ll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)”,Franzeska,Longmire
Moonlight,Bradcpu,Sleepy Hollow
Battle Without Honor or Humanity,Jetpack Monkey,Danger 5
Stiles and the Sourwolf,cupidsbow,Teen Wolf
If You Told Me To,cenedrawood,Merlin
Here (In Your Arms),Anoel,The Voice (US)
Big Spender,”astolat & Speranza”,Person of Interest

[table caption=”Second Half”]
Song[attr style=”width:34%”],Vidder(s)[attr style=”width:33%”],Fandom[attr style=”width:33%”]
Brighter Than the Sun,Killa,Multi
Gasoline,Trelkez,Live Free or Die Hard
“Don’t Let’s Start”,Wyomingnot,Hannibal
Scar Tissue,Anoel,The O.C.
Sex Yeah,violace,Masters of Sex
Skyfall,Wyomingnot,James Bond
Wherever You Will Go,rhoboat,Wallace & Gromit
An Innocent Man,Eva Kenieva,Frostiron
The Polka Slayer,”Bradcpu & Milly”,Buffy
The Waiting Game,feochadn,The Station Agent
Brother,Gwyneth,Pacific Rim
Paul Revere,Naked Bee,Green Hornet
Toxic Feint,cupidsbow,”(My) Immortal: The Web Series”
Crying Blood,Franzeska,Haven
Anything for Love,”astolat & Speranza”,Thor & Others