Escapade 2017 Vid Show

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Escapade’s 2017 Songvid show on DVD.

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First Half
Title Vidder Name(s) Fandom
Highway to Hell astolat Lucifer, Damien
You’re So Beautiful anoel The Get Down
All We Do gwyneth Political Animals
You Are a Runner astolat Harry Potter
Elevator Music k8+therobot MCU
Play Hard here’s luck Killjoys
Wait for It Lola Yuri on Ice
I Get the World Franzeska L.A. Confidential
Bullet in My Hand Lithium Doll 12 Monkeys
One Woman Army Killa Jessica Jones
Default kiki_miserychic Drunk History
Second Half
Title Vidder Name(s) Fandom
Hallo Spaceboy gwyneth & cesperanza Captain America
Dangerous Woman Rhaegal Game of Thrones
Laughing With cupidsbow Supernatural
C’est la Something Franzeska Highlander
Mercy Rhoboat Ben-Hur (1959)
Vampire Smile Lilly the Kid Hannibal
The I of the Storm Trelkez Miracles
Edge of Glory JM Torres Leverage
Battle Cry thingswithwings Luke Cage
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out ohvienna Star Wars