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Are you an artist who wants to share their visions with other fen? Are you a crafter who’s handy with rhinestones and a glue gun? Do you own fan art you wish you could share with other people? This Escapade is your chance!

Do you want to look at (and maybe buy) super cool stuff from other fans? This is your chance!

We aren’t running an auction in 2021, but we’re happy to give artists and crafters an opportunity to connect with people who want to trade money for very pretty stuff.

How to Participate

You are invited to post photos or videos of your arts/crafts/collection to the Escapade Tumblr feed, which we will also link to the Escapade site and the discord channel during the convention. You are welcome to include contact and price information if you’d like to sell your work. All transactions are between seller and buyers, not sponsored or conducted by the convention. Email to get involved.

You can check out a selection of art from previous years at the Escapade Virtual Art Show:

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