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How to add a DIY Panel or Meetup

Updated Information: DIY Panels / Meetups

Starting in 2023, we have renamed the last-minute additions to programming: DIY Panels (online, in Discord) and Meetups (in person, at the hotel).

It is the responsibility of the person planning the event, NOT the convention staff, to follow the steps below. If you run into technical difficulties, you can always ask Help Desk for online assistance or the consuite staff for in person assistance.

Plan: You (and as many friends as you want) decide you want to host a DIY panel or Meetup.  In Person attendees are welcome to schedule online DIY panels, too.

Schedule: Look at the timeline/schedule for your chosen format:

Escapade Online:
In Person:

Choose any empty slot under DIY/Meetup and add your panel title. There are slots for up to 3 concurrent DIY/Meetups each hour.
Note: this is a public spreadsheet: please be careful not to alter anyone else’s entries.

Promote: Talk up your DIY/Meetup (or any other ad-hoc gathering) to get everyone excited to attend.

Escapade Online: we have a new channel in the Escapade 33 Discord specifically named Attendee Announcements. Please announce your DIY Panel here, as well as in any topic-specific channels you deem appropriate.

In Person: In addition to the Attendee Announcements channel on Discord (which you should absolutely use), you can grab some giant yellow post-its from the consuite. Write your panel title/time/location (usually the atrium) and paste these next to the regular convention schedule (found in the consuite, and inside the door of each function room).

Enjoy! Before your panel start time…

Drop a “5 minutes until my fantastic panel!” note in the Attendee Announcements channel on Discord.

DIY Panel Online: Go to the appropriate DIY voice channel on Discord so you’re ready to greet whoever shows up.

Meetup In Person: Grab a yellow meetup sign and a stand from the consuite, then go to your chosen location. People will find you there.

No matter what, have a great time!

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