Escapade 33: March 3-5, 2023

It’s on! We are back with Escapade 33 in person, in Los Angeles, at the old hotel Embassy Suites LAX North. Hotel reservations are available now! If you pre-registered at last-year’s con, you should have received a direct email confirmation. If you didn’t, go here to register . Escapade 33 will include multiple tracks of in-person panels, dealers room, art show and auction, dance party, in-person vid show, fan faire, and more! In-person members can also attend online events.

There will be online events, but they will be less extensive than in 2022. Online memberships are not yet open for registration. Online memberships will include one track of Zoom panels (meta, fandom, and tech) as well as access to the streaming vid show and the Escapade 33 Discord server. Stay tuned for updates:

Penguins with speech bubbles: Meta, Squee, Tech. Escapade 33: March 3-5, 2023
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