Escapade 33 Panel Cut is up!

The Escapade 33 Panel Cut is up!

We have the first draft of the panels planned for Escapade 33. Check them out here:

Some panels need moderators (especially in the Escapade Online track), and may be dropped if they are not adopted. Others are tagged “backup” and will be promoted if other panels fall through. If you’d like to adopt a “Needs Mod” panel, please email us at

If your panel didn’t make the cut, or you have just thought of the newest, coolest thing we should talk about, hold that thought, once the schedule is posted, there will be a chance to sign up for DIY slots (both in person and online).

If you volunteered to be a panel mod, keep an eye on your inbox for a confirmation email. Please review and respond promptly.

Last, but not least, if you were waiting to see the panel cut before signing up for Escapade Online, don’t forget that the registration rate is going up from $20 to $29 on January 31 (that’s this coming Tuesday).

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