Escapade Zine Library

The Zine Library at Escapade is a slice of fannish history just waiting to be explored. It contains over 300 hardcopy titles in more than 40 fandoms (see list below). During the convention, the zines are available in the Con Suite, and can be read there or checked out for all or part of the weekend. Between conventions, the Zine Library is stored, cataloged and transported to and from the hotel by the lovely and talented Dail. We welcome all permanent donations of fanzines to the library, as well as temporary (for the duration of the convention) loans.

Note: we’d love to feature more zine covers in the slider above. Send us an image (or a link to an image) of your zine and we’ll include it if we have a copy in the library. If we don’t have a copy, send us one! We’d love to include it. Editors and authors, this is a great way to promote your fanzines!

The list below can be sorted by clicking on the column heading. Search box searches both title and fandom. Titles listed more than once means we have more than one copy of that zine.

Fandom Zine
Due South Pure Maple Syrup 7
Due South Twogether
Eroica A Case of You
Eroica Binder 1
Eroica Binder 2
Eroica Bound Fic
Eroica Bound Fic 2
Eroica Bound Graphic
Eroica Bound Graphic 2
Eroica Den of Thieves
Eroica From Eroica with Love 1 – 3
Eroica From Eroica with Love 4 – 6
Eroica From Eroica with Love 5
Eroica From Eroica with Love 7 & 8
Eroica From Eroica with Love 9
Eroica Garden of Eden, The
Eroica Guns and Red Roses 2
Eroica Nosferatu 15
Eroica Nosferatu 15
Eroica Rose Vines and Wire Ropes
Eroica Watching Me Watching You
Firefly Coat Tales
Forever Knight Bound Fic
Forever Knight Bound Fic 2
Fortune’s Friends Score