FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you have a question that is not in the FAQ, let us know so we can add it.

General Information

How can I keep expenses down and still have fun at Escapade?
When did the con start?
When is the con?
Where is the con?
How much is the con?
When and how can I sign up?
What is your cancellation policy?
Can I see a list of the other people who are attending?
Is there a minimum age for attendance?
Do you offer non-attending (aka supporting) memberships?
Will you have day memberships?
How about registration at the door?
When does the con begin, and when does it end?
When will I be able to check in at the con?
When will the schedule be posted?
Will there be a computer for me to use if I don't have my own?
How can I find my friends at Escapade?
What is a voodoo message board?
What will the weather be like?
Are there rules at Escapade?


What kinds of panels do you have at Escapade?
Who suggests the panels?
Can I suggest a panel?
Who runs the panels?
How do panels get chosen for the schedule?
When will we know the results of the voting?
When will the panel schedule be posted?

Art Show and Charity Auction

What do art show and auction mean? How do they work?
Will the art show accept digital or photo-manipulated art?
Do I have to attend to submit art?

Vid Shows

Will there be a vid show? How can I submit a vid?
Why are there two rooms for the Saturday vid show?

Social Events

What is the con suite?
Will there be a party? Is it a costume party?
What is the Dead Dog Party?
What about room parties?
Can I have a party in the alternate programming room?
Will there be dealers?
What kind of dealers will be at Escapade?
What is the slash swap meet and how does it work?
What is the 'zine library and how does it work?


How much does the hotel cost?
How do I reserve a room?
How can I find a roommate?
Is there parking?
Does the hotel have Internet access?
Is there a business center with computers in the hotel?
Can I hook up my own computer or media player to the TV in my hotel room?
Can I bring my pet?
Is there a restaurant in the hotel?
Are meals included in registration? / How do meals work?
What if I want to keep food in my room?
Is there a pool at the hotel? How about an ocean?
What should I bring/pack?
Are there restaurants, grocery stores, etc. near the hotel?
Does mass/public transit serve the hotel?
How close is the hotel to downtown LA?


Is the hotel wheelchair and scooter accessible?
What about the con space?


What airport can I fly into?
Can I take the train to the con?
How do I get to the hotel from the airport/train station/bus station/my friend's house in downtown LA?
I'm interested in arranging a rideshare to or from the con - what can I do?

Dealer Information

How much does dealer registration cost?
Is con registration included in the dealer table fees?
What kind of dealers are you looking for? How many?
Can I get a list of all the dealers who will be at the con?
Can nonmembers work at my dealer table?
Will there be somewhere for me to unload my stuff at the hotel?