Hotel Update!

Hotel rooms are selling out!

The hotel rooms blocked for Escapade 33 are selling out! The hotel is willing to add more rooms, but they need to know how many, and which type: king / double-queen / ADA. 

If you….

— are registered to attend in person, Megan sent an email out this weekend to confirm your hotel reservation status. Please respond if you haven’t. 

— have your hotel reservation but didn’t get an email, drop us a message through the Contact Us form ( or email the info AT escapadecon DOT net address to let us know you’re all set.

— plan to stay at the hotel, but don’t have a room reserved yet, please reserve now ( If you can’t get the room type you want, let us know and we’ll work with the hotel to sort it out.

We are looking forward to seeing people in person and online! 

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