Introducing- the new Escapade Welcommittee!

What’s a Welcommittee, you ask?  It’s the fannish version of a welcome wagon, helping you feel at home in a new place, answering questions, holding your hand, pretty much anything you need to make your Escapade experience as good as it can be.

We’d like to introduce you to ride_4ever, our new Welcommittee for Escapade 2019.  Though ride is relatively new to Escapade, she has quickly become an enthusiastic and supportive member of the community. Last year, ride was a great help to the con communications team by doing beta work on the Escapade news communications, and we are very grateful!

If you have questions for ride before the convention, you can reach out to her at You can recognize her during the con by the full sleeves of due South tattoos from shoulder to wrist on both of her arms! If there’s a question she can’t answer, you can bet she’ll know who to ask or how to connect you with the people who can help. Anyone staffing the con suite will also be happy to help with questions that come up for you during the weekend.

Many thanks to ride for making herself available as a wonderful resource to help our members make the most of their con experience!


Recent News Updates:

Updated Slack Invite Link!

Reminder: Escapade is on Slack!

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Save the Date! Escapade: February 22-24, 2019

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