Last Minute Reminders!

Last minute reminders!

Last Minute Reminders, in no particular order of importance (except that they’re all important, of course):

If you bring (and use) your badge holder from a previous year, you’ll get an extra raffle ticket.  Bring it with you when you register.

If you send an image of your vax card to us by email (, it will make the check in line move faster.

If you are attending on the day only (as in, not staying in the hotel) we’ll need your name to give to the front desk for elevator keys (  Elevator keys are needed to get to upper floors.

Also, for day only attendees, day parking fee is $15+tax.  Overnight parking is $19.

Bring a jacket to wear in the con suite, it’s very likely that windows will be open to give fresh air for unmasked snacking.

To vote in the Wildcard/Wayback panel poll:

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