More Escapade, more places, more times!

We heard your calls for more and our answer is Escapade 33.5, with more of everything but the travel. Join us online for conversation, vids, and all the Escapade-style shenanigans we can translate into the online experience, August 19th and 20th (Saturday & Sunday, U.S.).

August 19 is coming up sooner than you think!

Visit the Escapadecon website to register here:

Start the con this Sunday, June 25, at one of our Panel Suggestion Parties, 10am and 6pm Pacific, U.S., on Discord (click the link to see your time zone)

We’ll meet in the Discord atrium:

Find the time for the first showing in your timezone here:

Find the time for the second showing in your timezone here:

Submit your panel suggestions here:

Check out what’s already been suggested here:

To submit a vid (or several) that form is here:

Register now and invite your friends. You’ll find some helpful details about Escapade 33.5 on our website under the menu heading “Escapade Online.” 

Escapade 34 (in person in Los Angeles, March 15-17, 2024) is also open for registration; more on that after Escapade 33.5.

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