Orphan Panels ISO Mods

Several panels that received plenty of votes still need moderators. We cannot schedule panels without at least one mod. Moderating a panel at Escapade is easy and fun! If you want to adopt one of the panels below, please email infoescapadecon.net.


Future of Escapade/Hybrid conventions (online, merged from two suggestions)
Conventions, other than the big media festivals, are fading. Fandom no longer needs them just to find people who share our interests – we have a whole internet for that now. How do we keep Escapade alive and thriving? (How’s the hybrid thing working?)
Welcome to Escapade’s first on-and-offline convention! How is it going? Have you been to other online conventions? Other hybrids? Let’s discuss the features of online cons, how those can be attached to traditional conventions, and how to adapt some of those methods to Escapade’s participatory style of panels. Is this sustainable for future conventions?

Adopted by Constance Penley & either Megan or Charlotte. Let us know if you’d also like to co-mod.

Closed Canon, Active Fandom
Some shows have thriving fandom communities years after the original is complete and done. Come discuss which ones, and why – what features make a longstanding fandom likely, how to join a “finished” fandom, and what’s appealing about not having new content.

Adopted by Queercore Curriculum & Jen.

Exchanges, Bangs, and Themed Weeks
Yuletide. Remix Redux. Kinktober. What are the well-known scheduled fandom events, what’s new and upcoming, and how do they all work? What’s changed since they’ve moved off LiveJournal? And more importantly: How do you find the ones in your fandoms, and how can you participate? Let’s pool our knowledge and swap tips, maybe even plan something ourselves.

ETA: Problematic Creators
How do we wrestle with the J.K.Rowlings, the Joss Whedons, the ND Stevensons of 2022? Where is the line between creator and IP? How do we navigate fannishness with a source text that has a problematic creator?

Adopted by Neth Smiley & Gideon Marcus.

Fandom-specific: Good Omens
What are we hoping for from season 2?

Adopted by Rhaegal.


Customizing Your AO3 Experience
How to use search filters and custom CSS to find the fic you want and avoid the fic you don’t. How to block authors and fic you don’t want to see.

Everything Podfic/Tips & Tricks (online, merged from two suggestions
How do you get started in Podfic? What if you’re worried about how to pronounce characters’ names (C-Novel fandoms, I’m looking at you)? What kind of equipment do you need? Learn all about how to start making podfic.
A How To panel for folks that walk to learn how to make and/or edit podfic.

Adopted by Kristina Busse & Jo Carthage.

Writing Software
MS Word, Pages, Google Docs, Scrivener, paper notebook, “I just use the drafts page at AO3″… where do you write? What are the pros and cons of what’s available, what do you like about what you normally use, and what do you wish it’d do better? Come find out what everyone else uses and maybe learn a few new tricks.
Adopted by Mirilya. Let us know if you’d like to co-mod.

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