Orphan Panels!

Yes, I know we just posted the panel cut a few days ago, but with the convention coming soon, we need to get the schedule worked out, and we still have a number of panels with no moderators.  No mods means they can’t be on the schedule, so if these are panels that you voted for or are your fandom/tech/squee, think about if you could be the mod volunteer that could keep the panel on the schedule.  To volunteer to mod, email us at info@escapadecon.net and let us know which panel you’d love to lead!

Shallow Fandom

How hot do you need a character to be in order to engage with fandom? Two hot guys?  Ten? Is the content more important than the hotness? Where do we fall?

Superhero Slash

We should have a space to talk about superhero slash. Bat kids. Flash villains. The Boys. There are so many interesting characters and so many ways to slash them.

When Writers Screw Up Villains and Heroes

Some authors write villains as unredeemable and heroes and above reproach, does it make it easier or harder for fandom to interact? How do people feel when your favorites get changed?

OFMD: Our Flag Means Porn

OFMD fandom is here, it’s queer, and it’s making great fanwork! The fanart in this fandom is mindblowingly gorgeous and beautiful. Let’s screenshare our favorite fanart with each other and give the fanarts the appreciating they deserve.

The Old Guard: Sequel: Excited or Terrified?

We’ve been waiting for three years! Have you seen the on-set photos? Have you read the comics? Are you looking forward to the second Old Guard movie, or peeking through your fingers?

Fanfic Book Binding

How to transform your favorite stories into physical books that you can enjoy forever.

Fun with Podfic!

How to get started, how to improve, how to share.

How to keep your fandom alive & vibrant

How to keep your fandom alive & vibrant (from the Chalk & Cheese folks)

Non Traditional Fanworks

Let’s discuss ideas, styles, and formats for non-traditional fanworks.

Sharing Fanart

How and where to host fan art, and how to share and promote your work.

Top Five Recs

Bring five vids/fics/arts/etc to share with everyone. This is your moment to pimp out your loves.


How does it affect fandom communities when canon isn’t currently online? Which of your favorites aren’t available? What gets a resurgence when it becomes available, and how does that change the fandom community?

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