Panel Cut, Discord Access, Streaming Events

Escapade 34 is less than a month away! There’s still time to register and get a hotel room. Don’t delay!

The Panel Cut has been posted!

You can see which panels made the cut here:

If you chose “Will Lead” when voting for a panel, you should be listed as a mod for that panel. If you’re not and you’d like to lead or co-lead a panel, please let us know.

If you’re listed as a panel mod, you should have received an email requesting confirmation. Please reply to the email and also include any time conflicts you might have (if you’re only attending on Saturday, for example).

There are a few panels without mods, and we can’t keep a panel without mods on the schedule. If you’d like to volunteer to mod one of these “orphan panels”, please let us know ASAP. Panels that are still without mods by February 25th will be DROPPED and replaced with a runner-up panel. 

For those of you who won’t be attending in person, we’ve had some questions about whether we’ll be having a hybrid con or “Escapade Online” this year. We won’t be having any online panels for Escapade 34, but we will have a special Discord just for this convention.

Anyone who makes a donation of $25 to the Convention fund or the Scholarship fund by March 17th will receive access to the Escapade 34 Con Specific Discord.

Donations to either fund can be made here:

After making the donation, just drop us a line and we’ll make sure you receive an invitation to the Escapade 34 Discord Server once it goes live a few days before the convention. Join the conversation and see recs, giggle at the “overheard at Escapade” channel, and enjoy the quick-fire chat during the vidshow!

For those of you who prefer the Online format, not to worry, we’ll be having another Escapade Online later this year: Escapade 34.5!

Pre-convention streaming events: In addition to the current stream for Mysterious Lotus Casebook, starting this Saturday at 10 AM PST, we will be marathoning Pitbabe in the Escapade Discord. The world’s first omegaverse TV show tells the story of Pitbabe, a young alpha racer whose past is about to catch up with him, meeting Charlie, an alpha willing to trade anything if Pitbabe is willing to lend him a car to try out for Pitbabe’s racing team.

This is an explicit show so be prepared to get steamy romance.

Click here for the event in your timezone and an invite to the year-round discord:

We can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

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