Reminder Roundup: Do All The Things for Escapade 2019!

The con comm is busy discussing and planning and getting ready to make Escapade 2019 a super fun time for all of us!  The con is just over two months away, and we wanted to remind you of a few things you can do to get ready for the con and help make it the experience you want it to be.

  • Register! If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here:

Register for Escapade 2024

  • Book your hotel room! The con rate is good until February 1, 2019. But it frequently sells out early, so don’t delay!

  • Submit your panel suggestions! Escapade panels are good because of the ideas submitted by Escapade members. You guys make Escapade panels fun and interesting and topical and invigorating. Go read about panels that other fans have already submitted, and submit your own ideas to make sure the conversations at Escapade 2019 are conversations you want to have!


  • Nominate someone for an Escapade scholarship and donate to the scholarship fund! By participating in the Escapade scholarship program, you can help bring someone to Escapade that might not otherwise be able to attend, or a new attendee that you know would have a great time.

  • And don’t forget to do your holiday shopping at the Escapade merch store! An Escapade gift card can be used for Escapade merch or be applied toward an Escapade registration.


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