Escapade 2008 Vid Show

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Escapade's 2008 Songvid Show on DVD

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Sell My Soul,Barkley & Destina,Supernatural
Der Kommissar,Gianduja Kiss,James Bond
Broken English,Gwyneth,Pros
Deep Kick,Absolute Destiny,15
Falling Slowly,Laura McEwan,Starsky & Hutch
I Don’t Care as Long as You Sing,SDWolfpup,Due South
Once,”M’Lynn”,Black Hawk Down
My Hero,bradcpu,Heroes
Sharpest Lives,Gianduja Kiss,Supernatural
Head in the Game,Smutcutter,Ocean’s 11
Sawatte Kawatte,Laura Shapiro,Heroes
Loves Not a Competition,P.R. Zed,Pros
Three Doors,Gianduja Kiss,Veritas
A Love That Will Never Grow Old,Laura McEwan,Starsky & Hutch
You Know You’re Right,Lierdumoa,Supernatural
Math Prof Rock Star,Clucking Belles,Numbers