Escapade 2009 Vid Show

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Escapade's 2009 Songvid show on DVD.

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First Half
Title Vidder Name(s) Fandom
Good Touch, Bad Touch: PSA Clucking Belles SGA
New Math Catyah Riptide
Still The One Laura McEwan Starsky & Hutch
Dirty Little Secret Diana Williams Torchwood/Doctor Who
Everything’s Not Lost Greensilver Multi
Creator talitha78 Chuck
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Karita Wyr The Trouble with Angels
Brand New Key wyomingnot Stargate: SG-1
Believe Gianduja Kiss Supernatural
Love Thee Dearest Helen Kirk/Spock
If I Ever Lose My Faith in You Diana Williams Donald Strachey Mysteries
Freedom talitha78 Crusoe
Strange Angels Kass Stargate Atlantis
Read My Mind Laura McEwan Starsky & Hutch
Hard Times Come Again No More Jill and Kay Peacemakers
Second Half
Title Vidder Name(s) Fandom
Big Big Love wyomingnot Stargate: SG-1
Queen Bitch Laura Shapiro Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Stunna Glasses talitha78 The Invisible Man
Counting Bodies Milly Angel: the Series
The Lies of Handsome Men Diana Williams Multi-fandom
Jolene Catyah Riptide
“It’s All Been Done” wyomingnot Stargate: SG-1
I Am What I Am Laura McEwan Starsky & Hutch
“That Don’t Impress Me Much” SmutCutter Multi Fandom
All These Things Killa Primeval
Is She Really Going Out With Him Clucking Belles Stargate Atlantis
Come On Gwyneth Rhys Flashpoint
Dean Luminosity Supernatural
Sam Luminosity Supernatural