Escapade 2016 Vid Show


Escapade’s 2016 Songvid show on DVD.

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First Half
Song Fandom Vidder Name(s)
Napoleon & Gaby ♥ Ilya M.U.N.C.L.E. 2015 Franzeska
Sinnerman True Detective Lola
No Rest for the Wicked Captain America Gwyneth
The Ladder Song Star Wars Anneke
Glorious Dawn Multi Electra(starlady)
ILYSB Hamilton RPF Anoel
Savoy Truffle Death Note Naked Bee
Kirk Fu Star Trek: TOS T’Lara
Sparks Blue Neighborhood Anoel
Everything’s Cool Constantine LithiumDoll
Stolen Houses “Die, Walk on Water” feochadn
Nothing but Cause and Effect Hannibal Luminosity
Wild Boys Mad Max Fury Road wyomingnot
Second Half
Song Fandom Vidder Name(s)
Rocky and Bullwinkle Supernatural ash48
Been Better Killjoys LithiumDoll
Prove It On Me Blues Agent Carter diannelamerc
Blank Space MacGyver Jetpack Monkey
Hurt Supernatural cupidsbow
Our House Sherlock SmutCutter
They Are Afraid of Us Together A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia Franzeska
Memo Blue Neighborhood “Kitty, aka Wintervanesce”
I Drove All Night Star Trek: AOS T’Lara
Do My Thing Supernatural Dierdre C
Once Upon a Dream Gankutsuo Anneke
Wait for It Star Trek: TOS/AOS Rhaegal
Complicated The Flash elipie & kuwdora
Help I’m Alive Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Killa