Escapade Anniversary Fanzine (eBook)


It has been a long, long time since we considered publishing a fanzine, but celebrating 25 years of Escapade necessitated one. This, as all things Escapade, is a product of many hands and many hearts.

The zine is also available to download immediately in multiple electronic formats for your reading pleasure: Mobi, ePub, and PDF.

  • Drifting by Astolat [Person of Interest x Pacific Rim]
  • The Plan by Natasha Solten [Wiseguy]
  • Pseudacris Crucifer by Franzeska [Veritas]
  • One Night in LA by Raine Wynd [Highlander]
  • As the Years Multiply by PFL [The Professionals]
  • Comet by Devo [Highlander]
  • An Offer in the Form by Charlotte C. Hill [Almost Human]
  • The 12 (and more) years of Escapade by Anonymous
  • Under The Stairs by Dovya Blacque [Sentinel]
  • Brazen it Out by Megan Kent [MCU]
  • Intervention by Glacis [Highlander x SG1 x Buffy x Harry Potter]
  • Moving Up by KatBear [Star Trek]
  • Breaking and Making Up by KatBear [The Phantom Menace]
  • Small Packages by Rhi [Highlander x Agent Carter]
  • Will You Let Your Cities Crumble by Mead [The Professionals]
  • The Real Thing by Sandy Herrold [Imagine You & Me]
  • Silver by Jane Mailander [Sherlock]