Come watch the Escapade 2019 Vid Show!

Escapade is the longest running slash convention in the US. Every year it hosts a vid show of fanvids in front of a live audience. This year, the convention is offering a streaming playlist of the vids that were shown over the weekend. Just click on the link and the vid show should start playing.

Caveat: the first vid is a password protected vid. When you run into a password protected vid, the password can be found be in the info box below the vid. You will enter it, hit play and the playlist should start. If a vid pauses, no worries. Just click play and the playlist will resume.

For those who would like to own a dvd of the show, we still have some available:


Please leave feedback to the vidders by clicking on the blue button “Comment On My AO3 page”.  If there is no AO3 page, please click on the logo (usually in the lower right hand corner) and it will take you to where the vidder has uploaded their vid and you can leave your feedback there.


Finally, not all vids are included in the Escapade 2019 vid playlist.

Bridges Burn – Jill, Kathy, and Kay – Rejseholdet (Unit One): (download only)

Fire and the Flood – kat-byrd – The Professionals. A streaming version is here:

All Goes Wrong – kat-byrd – Starsky & Hutch.  A streaming version is here: (warning: flashing/flickering images)


Bonus! Escapade received so many vid submissions this year that they were able to offer an overflow vid show. The playlist for the overflow vid show is here:


Coming soon : a vid playlist for the Escapade Dance Party.


About the host site Viddercon:

Viddercon is brand new site (many months in the making) that allows fans to build playlists across multiple streaming video platforms. Playlists on this network allow for a mix of vids from You Tube, Vimeo, Peertube, Tumblr, etc. This site is a proof of concept and currently in its very early stages. It is being built by fans for fans. Fans currently working on the project are vidders Garfield (VidderKidder) and Morgan Dawn (MeeeDeee).

As you wander through the site, you may come across other convention vid shows, vid challenges or personal recommendation playlists. The convention vid shows are unofficial collections that the site has been using to test playlist creation and embedding under “real world” conditions. All playlists have been created using publicly posted info and all have been clearly marked as “unofficial”.

Read more about the site via the FAQ:

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