Escapade 2019 Vid Show


Escapade’s 2019 Vid show on DVD.

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First Half
Title Vidder Name(s) Fandom
Lift cupidsbow Ocean’s 8
Turn the Lights Off Naked Bee Buzzfeed Unsolved
Watch Me Rise Anoel The Good Wife
Heartlines bonibaru Guardian
Deep blue Sea Destina Sherlock Holmes(2009)
Melodrama Mithborien Guardians of the Galaxy
Blue on Black elipie DCEU
City of Roses Lola Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
Fire and the Flood kat-byrd The Professionals
Since I Met You Franzeska Detroit: Become Human
Bridges Burn Jill, Kathy, Kay Rejseholdet (Unit One)
Wild Ones gwyneth & killa Captain America


Second Half
Title Vidder Name(s) Fandom
Dream gwyneth Multi
I Still Do Nestra God’s Own Country
Heartbeat Song Killa Dumplin’
Red Rain Loki (secretlytodream) Merlin
Space Girl AurumCalendula Multifandom
Under the Ivy Lola Revolutionary Girl Utena
Dirty World Luminosity due South
Cold glymr Detroit Become Human
Shadowhunters Opening Credits shirasade Shadowhunters (Buffy-style)
Information Travels Faster starlady Sherlock Holmes(2009)
Say Geronimo Sholio Black Panther
After the Storm Trelkez The Magicians
Timber Killa Thor

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