Escapade Communications Update

Out with the old, in with the new (platforms)

Escapade is abandoning older platforms like LiveJournal and yahoogroups, and shifting our chatting from slack to Discord.

You may have already noticed that we are now sending Escapade News emails directly to your inbox using MailChimp. Please add to your email contacts, lest our terribly important emails wind up in your spam folder. MailChimp offers better security, as well as links to unsubscribe, or manage your email preferences in every email you receive. If you unsubscribe from Escapade News on MailChimp, please be sure you’re following us on at least one other platform to get the latest updates: facebook, twitter, tumblr, dreamwidth, Discord (more info below).

Yahoogroups download deadline 12/15/19. Act now!

We hope that everyone has heard that yahoogroups is changing dramatically. These changes won’t work for Escapade going forward. Dail has promised to continue cross-posting announcements to Escapade-News for as long as it keeps running. The Escapade-Chat list will also continue on like a zombie, but expect the more robust chatting to shift to discord.

You may belong to, or know of, older yahoogroups (e.g. fic lists) where the loss of uploaded information/stories/art/whatever would be a loss to fandom. There are fans who are working to download and archive this old information. Please forward any list names you are concerned about to Franzi (

WTF is Discord?

Discord is a platform designed for gamers, but we are using it for general Escapade chat, announcements, fannish squee, etc. It is free, and runs on your computer, your phone/tablet, or in a web browser.

The first 50 seconds of this video provide a quick intro to Discord (you can ignore the rest):

Here is a basic how-to article:

Here is the invite to join the Escapade channel on discord:

Jump in, there are already fans there, and they’ll help you get oriented.

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