Escapade minus 3 days and counting!

Headed into the first ever virtual Escapade, we have a lot of information to communicate. Each day we’ll send an email structured with things requiring action NOW, and information you need. So let’s get started!

Action Required

  1. Sign up for DIY slots
    If your favorite panel didn’t make the cut, or there’s something you just have to squee about with new people, the sign up for DIY slots is located at the bottom of the schedule page. DIY slots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Any DIY activities claimed by Wednesday at 6 PM PST will be included in the PDF schedule and program book. Afterward, you can still sign up, but the info will be online only.
  2. Sign up for gaming slots

Want to pimp your favorite shippy game? Or just stream for a few hours, egged on by the dubious good influence of your fellow fans? You can sign up for a 2-hour block of streaming time on Saturday. Either play a little with encouragement, or show your fellow fans the best bits of your favorite game–it’s up to you!

Sign up here:


  • No recording of Escapade panels
    While many people were willing or eager to participate in recorded panels, enough folks were hesitant that we decided NOT to record panels at Escapade 31. We also request that attendees not record or screencap any Escapade events.
  • Closing registration to new members Thursday at 6 PM PST
    We want to make sure we have time to welcome new members, and connect them to resources. Therefore, we’re going to close reg at 6 PM on Thursday evening. If you’re an old hand, you can still register at the last minute. But why would you wait?
  • Zoom training videos
    We have a playlist of videos covering Zoom basics on YouTube. You can watch all the way through, or pick the topics you want a refresher on. We will be adding more videos over the next few days.
    Here’s a special video about Zoom for mobile:
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