Panel Ballot

Panel Ballot voting closes tomorrow April 1, 2022, midnight PST!

Hotel Room

Have you booked your hotel room??


It’s not too late to either donate for Scholarships or nominate a worthy recipient:

Vid Show

Do you have a new or nearly new vid to share?  Slashy or shippy vids especially welcome!


Want to add to your fun at the con?  Volunteer!  Visit the volunteer pages on the Escapade website for more information:


We love getting donations for the raffle!  What do we want, you ask? Anything new or nearly new that a fellow fan would love: DVD sets, tech stuff, custom fannish items, m/m books–use your imagination!

Swap Table!

How does it work?  You bring something and leave it, you take something away.  If you don’t have something to leave, but see something you love, you can leave a contribution in the donation jar, and proceeds will also go to this year’s charity.  Yes, it’s just that easy!

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