The 2020 Escapade Dealer Room

The Escapade Dealer Room offers a variety of opportunities to drop a little cash picking up fannish memorabilia, zines, fan-oriented clothing and jewelry, and more!  With open hours during all three days of the con, the dealer room is a great way to spend some time between panels. Don’t forget to bring cash!

sian1359: A Wrinkle in Time

Licensed pop culture items of interest to slash fans.


Bone And Arrow:

Small fandom gifts made with original hand drawn art by El! There will be enamel pins, stickers, charms, mini prints, lanyards, patches and buttons. Many, many buttons.


Doctor Beth Science Fiction Collectibles:

Fanzines, Photos, DVDs, Collectibles.


Sue Tooran: Featherweight Finery

Anodized aluminum jewelry, hand crafted in the Silicon Valley of California. Every piece is made by the artist. Aluminum is lightweight; the anodized colors are vibrant and enduring. They never tarnish or change color.


Jim: Jim & Melody’s Vintage Fanzines   
Used fanzines! Art! Plush toys! DVDs! Stuff!


kandy fong:

Jewelry, music videos and ‘zines, oh my


diannelamercKiller Clockwork Llama

Fannish Jewelry and Crafts


And as usual we will offer our Orphan Sales table, selling Escapade vid show DVDs and whatever else members bring to sell.

Check out our dealer room page for hours, details on orphan sales, and more:

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