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We love getting donations for the raffle!  What do we want, you ask? Anything new or nearly new that a fellow fan would love: DVD sets, tech stuff, custom fannish items, m/m books–use your imagination!

When do we want the donations?  Preferably as early during the convention as you can bring them to us: the more people who see them, the more tickets will be sold.

Not sure if what you want to bring is appropriate?  Email us and ask:

All revenue from the raffle supports our Escapade 2020 charity: the ACLU:

Swap Table

Fannish Slash Swap Meet, or I used to love it, now it’s your turn!

How does it work?  You bring something and leave it, you take something away.  If you don’t have something to leave, but see something you love, you can leave a contribution in the donation jar, and proceeds will also go to this year’s charity.  Yes, it’s just that easy!

What to bring for the Slash Swap Table: Fannish items that you have too many of or have no further need for.  Bring them and let another fan give them a good home.  Attendees (your fellow fans) love things like genre magazines, old fanzines, action figures, used but still good DVD sets, etc, etc…

What not to bring: VHS tapes — we can’t recycle them, either. We sympathize with not wanting to throw them out, but that’s what will happen to them, and we’d rather you did it at your house.

Het (m/f) romance.  We get an overabundance, and can’t store it so we’re trying to rebalance the swap meet back toward the slash side of things.

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