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Good news, our experiment last year went so well we’re gonna do it again! Do you have crafts that you’d like to share with convention goers but don’t want to commit to missing out on the convention to sit in the dealer room? Do you find yourself at a loss for something to do before the con starts on Friday? I have a small scale solution to these dilemmas. Announcing the second Fan Fair! Fanfare? Fair Fans?  FanFair!!

Barbana will use the art room for the fair. Set up will be Friday morning 8-8:30am, and the fair will run until 11:30am, at which time we need to have the art room cleared of everything. We got feedback last year to close it 30 minutes early so people can get to the morning panels on time.    

There is still no charge for the tables but we will pass the hat for the convention fund.

So bring your stuff and show it off. It does not have to be fannish. Any interest contact me at and I’ll start making a list. If it’s a lot of you, we may have to go to 1/2 tables; I’ll be keeping you in the loop.


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