The Escapade Volunteer Program

Every year at Escapade we are so grateful for our volunteers. The truth is that it is our volunteers who help us keep the con running, and help us keep our sanity during the busy con weekend.

One great place to volunteer at Escapade is the con suite. We aim to have a con suite that is welcoming and a place fans want to gather and spend some time. Con suite volunteers help us with registration, food prep, running errands, the zine library, and most importantly making the space fun and welcoming to everyone. Volunteers have also served as door guards or assisted with setting up panel rooms, and information about these kinds of opportunities will be available in the con suite if needed.

If you are new to Escapade, volunteering at the con is a great way to meet people.  If you are a repeat attendee, we know that new fans really appreciate having someone in the con suite to help guide them to the best the con has to offer.

Last year we introduced the option to live-tweet or live-blog Escapade panels as a volunteer opportunity, and that option is available again this year. Help share the experience of an Escapade panel with friends who can’t attend the con, and showcase the clever, funny, and intriguing ideas that make Escapade panels so much fun.

Also, in appreciation of the volunteers who are so vital to the con, if you volunteer for five or more hours you will be automatically registered for next year’s convention, and receive a $10 credit!

If you want to volunteer or have any questions about volunteering you can email us at  You can also sign up for volunteer slots in the con suite at the convention.

Visit the volunteer page on the Escapade website for more information:

And go here for more information about the Escapade con suite:

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  1. I’m volunteering to help at registration again thursday night and friday morning. Very excited for volunteering again this year!

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