Initial Escapade Panel List and Panels In Need of Mods

Escapade 30 is only a few weeks away! Are you getting excited? We are getting excited!

The panel voting results have been reviewed, and the panels that have made the initial cut can be viewed here:

You will see a number of notations in red on some of the panel listings. These panels need moderators!  Some of them received enough votes to make the schedule, but currently have no moderators. If no one volunteers to moderate these panels, they will not be on the final schedule! There are also a number of panels with one moderator who is looking for co-mods.

Please go review the list of panels and consider stepping up to moderate one of the panels in need! It’s a fun way to participate in Escapade conversations, and it will ensure that the conversations that many of us voted for will make it onto the schedule.

If you’ve never moderated a panel before, volunteering to co-moderate with someone else is a great way to get your feet wet. You can also plan to attend the How To Mod Escapade Panels panel early in the convention schedule to pick up some tips!

If you would like to volunteer to moderate a panel, please email ASAP. The panel cut page will continue to be updated until the final schedule is posted. Mods may step down, and new panels will need moderators to stay on the schedule, and people who volunteer will be added to the schedule as those emails come in. Please keep checking back on the panel cut page for updates and think about which conversations you might be able to help facilitate.

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