Introducing: the Escapade Art Show!

Did you know that Escapade has an Art Show?  Well, we do, and every year we are amazed by the array of unique art representing many different fannish loves.  We set aside a room at the convention on Friday and Saturday to display and admire fanworks brought by the amazing talented and endlessly creative members of the Escapade community.  We welcome all kinds of fan art: drawings, paintings, jewelry, photos, prints, crafts, and works that defy description!

On Sunday morning of the convention, art that has been marked as “for sale” and that has received at least three bids from interested buyers will be auctioned off.  Our amazing auctioneer Shoshanna always puts on a fabulous and entertaining show, enjoyed both by serious art collectors and those who are just in it for the eye candy!

If you are a fanartist (or are willing to pretend to be one), please consider submitting a few pieces to the show!  The more variety, the better!

Find more information on the Escapade website:

The Escapade Art Show


Naked Bee got her start by volunteering for the Escapade Art Show in 2008, and has been coordinating the show since 2014.  You can ask her questions before the convention at  During the convention, head to the Art Show Room during the hours listed in the program and either Naked Bee or the Art Show Staff will be able to help.

In the meantime, check out a selection of art from previous years at the Virtual Art Show:


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