Escapade 2007 Vid Show

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Escapade's 2007 Songvid show on DVD.

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Snow, Killa, Miracles
Chasing Cars, Laura McEwan, Starsky & Hutch
You’re So Damn Hot, Melina, Torchwood/Doctor Who (2005)
Change (in the house of flies), obsessive24, Smallville
God Says Nothing Back, Morgan Dawn, Supernatural
Cosy Prisons, P.R. Zed, Professionals
Church, Gianduja Kiss, Buffy and Angel
Rock Star, Sian, Torchwood
Amsterdam, SE, Stargate G-1
Words Fail You, gwyneth, Big Eden
Mainstream, Charmax, Battlestar Galactica
By Any Other Name, Smutcutter, Phantom Menace
Invisible Hands, Milly, Supernatural
They Can’t Take That Away From Me, Dualbunny, Angel
The Lonely People, Laura Shapiro, Doctor Who
“Television, Television”,P.R. Zed, Life on Mars
Killing in the Name, Gianduja Kiss, La Femme Nikita
Set the Fire to the Third Bar, SE, Torchwood
Pilgrim Soul, M’lyn and gwyneth, The 13th Warrior
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean, Killa, Supernatural
The Journey, GF & Morgan Dawn, LOTR