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We are less than 6 weeks away from Escapade 2019! Are you getting excited? We are! The con comm is meeting regularly to plan all the things you look forward to and love about Escapade: the panels, the art show, the vid show, the Friday night party, and all the little details that make the weekend run smoothly.

We wanted to remind you about a few things you can do to get ready for Escapade, too!

  • VOTE FOR PANELS! The deadline for panel voting is tomorrow, January 15, at midnight PST. Vote for the panels you want to attend, and volunteer to moderate panels, via the Escapade panel ballot. Remember that panels with moderators are more likely to make the final cut! You must be logged in to vote.

Panel Ballot

  • BOOK YOUR HOTEL ROOM! If you haven’t yet booked your hotel room for Escapade, you can do so through the link on the Escapade website to get the special con rate, or follow the instructions on the hotel page to register by phone. The deadline to book your hotel room at the con rate is February 1. If you need to connect with roommates for the con, check out the comments on the Rides and Roommates post on the Escapade website or leave a comment of your own.

Rides and Roommates!

  • REGISTER FOR THE CON! Did you know you can still register for Escapade 2019? You can! If you’ve been meaning to get around to registering, you can do so easily and quickly through the Escapade store. If you’re within driving distance and can’t make it for the whole weekend, don’t forget ┬áthe single day membership options.

Register for Escapade 2024

  • NOMINATE OR DONATE TO THE ESCAPADE SCHOLARSHIPS! We have several scholarship options available. If you know someone who can’t attend Escapade due to financial difficulty, check out the scholarship page and consider nominating them. And if you have a little extra cash on hand, consider donating to the scholarship fund to help someone join us at the con.


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